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Lockdowned Gym Creates Online Platform To Support Customers

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Last updated on February 24th, 2021 at 09:34 AM

When lockdown was announced in March 2020, and gyms were forced to close, rather than pull down the shutters completely on their East Dulwich gym ESPH, the founders decided to take on the challenge of keeping their community fit from a distance and launched live streamed classes for all. 

The classes were an overnight success with more than 400 people joining some classes to stay fit and stay connected, and they quickly became quite a phenomena, with people from far and wide joining in. 

The varied schedule was delivered by former UK champion and international decathlete Alexei Sharp, cofounder of FitFor Max Sharp, professional dancers Morgan Turner and Jasmine Joy and Pilates legend Penny Elkins, with special guest appearances from Libby Sharp, ESPH founder (aged just 78) who delivered Covid breathing exercises and stretches to relieve tired home workers. 

When gyms were able to re-open, rather than return to the old ways of delivering their great classes, the team developed a brand new platform, FitFor, adding a host of new classes, more instructors and a digital fitness business was born!

With more clients joining daily through lockdown 3.0 to take on lockdown challenges, stay active and learn new skills along the way FitFor is fast becoming a digital go-to. 

FitFor is a fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle platform with a real feel, no pretensions and something for everyone. 

With 100s of classes available on demand and a daily schedule of live classes, there is something for all – from families working out together, to absolute beginners and those looking to train like an athlete. 

All the classes are high energy, delivered by passionate instructors and range across the five areas the FitFor team think are key to overall fitness – cardio, strength, core-stability, flexibility and balance. 

FitFor Founder Alexei Sharp says ‘Right now looking after our wellbeing is more important than ever – it’s tough for everyone at the moment, and taking 30 minutes a day to focus on your wellbeing, fitness and ultimately happiness, simply can’t be a ‘nice to have’, it’s a necessity. 

Being FitFor whatever life throws at us is imperative, and that’s why I am so pleased we have created an accessible platform for everyone to enjoy looking after themselves, whether that means a daily meditation, taking out your frustrations in a boxing class or a bit of both!’ 

To give everyone the chance to access their classes and support as many people as possible as we enter another national lockdown, FitFor have announced they will give everyone 50% off not just for lockdown but for the whole year, so people can sustain their health and wellbeing throughout.

FitFor supports and promotes regular exercise across five main pillars of fitness  

The 5 pillars of fitness (in order of priority) 

1. Cardio-respiratory fitness – Healthy heart and lungs 

2. Strength – Resistance exercise builds strong muscle, tendons and bones 

3. Core-stability – The spine is the anchor. It needs to be stable for optimal function of the arms and legs 4. Flexibility – Our bodies have a natural range of movement and need work to be maintained 5. Balance – Connected to strength but so important the older we get  

Use it, don’t lose it!