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Wahoo X Brings High Quality, Personalised Training Content To RGT, With Four-Dimensional Power® (4DP) Workouts

Wahoo x simulator

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 09:55 PM

Wahoo Fitness has brought together the sports science knowledge and effective training of Four-Dimensional Power® (4DP) workouts, with the excitement of cycling in RGT’s ultra-realistic virtual world – so riders can experience a new way to complete their workouts, increase their cycling fitness, boost their motivation and make the most out of their rides.

This continues the ongoing development of Wahoo X, the ultimate training membership app for endurance athletes, which helps athletes achieve better results, faster – with innovative functionality for both indoor and outdoor riding.

Wahoo x four dimensional power® 4dp workouts

Wahoo Fitness’ Four-Dimensional Power® (4DP) uses four key power metrics  — Neuromuscular Power (NM), Anaerobic Capacity (AC) Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) to give a full, personalised profile of your cycling capabilities. Using your 4DP™ profile gives a greater understanding of your cycling strengths and weaknesses.

By focusing on these key areas, Wahoo’s 4DP training helps you optimise your training sessions, track your progress, and work towards achieving your cycling goals and improving your cycling performance. Combining SYSTM 4DP™ workouts with RGT is a new, fun way to train indoors. 

Neal Henderson, Head of Wahoo Sports Science commented “Adding 4DP workouts into RGT opens up the opportunity for more Wahooligans to improve the effectiveness of their workouts and helps us continue to build the better athlete in all of us.

The Wahoo Sports Science team has spent years developing and expanding the use of 4DP testing and training at our world-class SPORTS SCIENCE CENTRE in Boulder and we’re excited to see it be available across all Wahoo platforms.”

Wahoo X offers the most complete training app for cyclists – with tools for both indoor or outdoor riding.  The subscription provides access to both SYSTM and RGT, and with this latest development, you can now have a consistent experience across both platforms, in addition to the ELEMNT BOLT and ROAM bike computers – where these workouts are also available.

If you are following a training plan in SYSTM your scheduled workouts will be available for you in RGT, all you need to do is pick where in the world you will complete your session.

All training plans are included as part of the Wahoo-X membership, which offers an extensive workout library to select from, users can filter this – based on time available or type of training session. 

Wahoo X offers workouts and training plans tailored to your individual cycling goals. It also provides cross-training workouts and yoga to benefit your all-round fitness.

Wahoo RGT is a realistic virtual world where you can ride some of the most famous routes and cols in global cycling and brings many of the outside experiences of cycling indoors – including ultra-realistic drafting of other riders and in-app ‘Voice Chat’ – connecting riders in a brand new way during indoor virtual rides.

Consider taking on a planned 4DP workout on RGT’s newest Real Road, the ‘Dunoon Seafront Circuit’. Based in the Scottish area of Dunoon and complementing the previously released ‘Dunoon Crossover’ gravel route, this new seafront tarmac route takes riders along the coastal paths of the Cowal Peninsula.

The route is entirely flat and has primarily been created as a training road – for efforts and chaingangs, made even more engaging using the steer and voice chat functions.

This takes RGT’s total ‘Real Road’ library to 14 courses which include iconic cycling regions in Belgium, Italy, France, the UK and the USA.