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Emma And Matt Willis’ PT Rob Solly Shares His Top Summer Workout Tips

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2022 at 10:49 AM

The weather is finally getting warmer, tempting us from living room workouts to exercising outside. But what if you don’t want to run?

Here, fitness app Eastnine’s trainer to the stars Rob Solly runs through a workout which is easy to follow in small outdoor spaces – perfect for those wanting to get some vitamin D without pounding the streets. 

Rob says: “Working out outdoors is all about gleaning the benefits from the basics; fresh air, sunlight and space. Working on your foundations outside will see you get great results for your mind and body. These exercises are simple and you don’t need too much room to make them work for you.” 

Warm up

1. Complete 30 seconds of pogo jumps. Lean back on your heels, then as you tip back forward onto your toes bend your knees slightly and jump  

2. Hop for 15 seconds on each leg

3. Complete 10 wrist circles

Repeat each of these three times, and slightly increase the intensity as you go on. 

Embrace your strength workout 

1. 12 squats – knees hip-width apart, bend at the knees as if you’re going to sit on a chair, make sure your knees are directly over your ankles or as close as possible

2. 10 step-back lunges on each leg – step back with one leg, bending the front knee so it’s at a 90 degree angle, with the other leg also bent, hovering above the floor 

3. 20 ice skaters – move laterally onto one bent leg, crossing the other behind you and then repeat on the other leg 

4. Hold a high plank for 20 seconds

5. Hold a low plank for 20 seconds

6. 10 side lunges on each leg – step to the side bending the outside knee to 90 degrees keeping the knee in line with the ankle. Keep the other leg straight while you bend the knee, and return to standing

7. Move from a high to a low plank and back again 12 times 

8. Complete six get-ups on each leg – In one movement, 1) push off to your left with your right foot; 2) punch upward with the kettlebell; and 3) forcefully press your left elbow into the floor so that your torso rises up and your weight shifts onto your left forearm. (As you roll, keep your left leg straight and push your left heel into the floor.)

9. Complete 10 side plank dips on each side – in a side plank position, drop your hips down slightly and back up again

10. Complete as many butterfly crunches as you can – with your feet together and your knees open to the side, crunch up with your hands behind your head, then lower back down again

Repeat this sequence up to four times. 

Eastnine is a fitness app which motivates, supports and guides people working out. 

Consisting of experienced personal trainers, professional athletes and even Olympians, the audio and video app is packed with workouts and programmes to support users in getting fitter, toning up and becoming more confident.

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