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Silence Is Bliss – Leading Silent Disco Company Brings Peace Of Mind To Outdoor Fitness

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Last updated on July 30th, 2021 at 10:39 AM

Silent Noize, is cheering on the post-pandemic fitness scene with its wireless headphones for simple and safe exercise classes with user navigation in mind. 

Outdoor bootcamps, Instagram live, and training over Zoom. We’ve seen it all. If the past 18 months has shown anything, it’s that a worldwide lockdown does not have to put limitations on fitness.

Chet: @yogawithchet / © Matt Hyde 

Although recent Government announcements mean that many lives of the UK may be returning to a new normal before the year is up, it’s safe to say that covid has re-shaped the way people exercise. 

As gyms closed their doors, research from GlobalData revealed 52.2% of UK consumers took part in home workouts since March 2020, with the great outdoors now leading the way as one of the safest workout zones, as well as being the literal hotspot for the incoming warm weather – an ideal match for a lightweight, wireless headset solution to engage exercise classes amongst open spaces. 

Chet: @yogawithchet / © Matt Hyde 

Centred around the principle of hassle-free movement, Silent Noize has transformed the way people exercise by bringing an innovative and practical audio solution for a multitude of fitness venues.

With safety and hygiene still remaining a high priority, Silent Noize has the ultimate solution for safely re-entering the world of workouts. 

Any location can be made into a venue when integrated with completely mobile tech from Silent Noize.

The wireless headsets provide peace of mind for people to gather in groups for exercise classes, re-igniting the fitness community whilst tailoring training to safety guidelines.

From crossfit to yoga, or meditation to martial-arts, this on-the-go audio solution creates immersive experiences without the need for mains power. 

The headsets have been designed with comfort in mind, with adjustable headbands and cushioning to cater to a wide range of people.

Leaders can also take advantage of the entirely wireless technology which boasts a range of 200m to ensure audiences are kept socially distanced, whilst still benefiting from the same sound clarity no matter where you are.  

Already enjoyed by the likes of The BBC and Red Bull, class instructors can be reassured of optimum engagement with minimal equipment, including a discrete and user-friendly instructor microphone to enable classes to remain intimate, with effortless communication, regardless of group sizes. 

Whether you plan to get five or fifty people striking the same yoga pose, Silent Noize caters for any class size with a stock of over 10,000 headsets, all with a quick set up: simply choose the number required, switch on the transmitter box and go.

To further personalise the session, Silent Noize provides the option to build personal playlists to create the right atmosphere without disturbing the local surroundings.  

If you want to know more about how to set the scene for your next group fitness class, visit or contact the team on 0203 727 5382 

You can also check out their work on social media @silentnoizeevents