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Tri50 World Record Attempt To Raise Funds For Mental Health Services 

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Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 02:26 PM

Supported by the UK’s leading triathlon brand, Zone3, South Belfast  Restorative Practitioner Brian Armstrong is attempting to set a new world record and complete 50 half-distance triathlons in a single year. The current world record is 24, set by US Marine Michael Mendoza in 2017. 

Brian is taking on this challenge to raise funds for Northern Ireland Alternatives (NIA): a government-accredited programme that focuses on mental health and counselling services for vulnerable and at-risk groups. 

Brian says: “Exercise has been life-changing for me. I want to encourage those who doubt their ability to achieve goals in life by asking them to come and take part in some way in this massive challenge and help me raise both funds and awareness for this important cause. The challenge is not just physical, it’s about trying to motivate normal people to realise they can do extraordinary things.” 

Zone3 is proud to support Brian in his world record attempt, providing him with seasonal kit for every step of his journey, from training to recovery.

James Lock, Founder of Zone3 says: “This is an incredible cause and  Brian’s ambition and dedication is nothing short of extraordinary. We share his passion for triathlon and understand the power of movement for your mental and physical wellbeing. We hope the kit supplied by Zone3  will help Brian achieve his goals with as much comfort and ease as  possible.”

The Zone3 Thermal collection covers everything a swimmer could need for open-water swimming in cold weather. During his winter triathlons, Brian will wear Zone3’s Thermal Aspire Wetsuit, Heat-tech neoprene swim cap, Neoprene heat-tech warmth swim gloves and Neoprene heat-tech warmth swim socks, allowing him to stay warmer for longer without restricting movement. 

The cutting-edge Zone3 Run collection is a go-to for triathletes, runners and fitness fanatics, including extremely comfortable, effective Medical  Grade Compression Tights and Compression Calf Sleeves – tested and designed to help increase endurance, speed and recovery time. 

Details of the range Brian will be wearing in the colder months, and as we  head into the spring, are as follows: 

Thermal Aspire Wetsuit 

Staying warm is the key feature of the Thermal Aspire  

Wetsuit: the Heat-Tech lining maintains the body’s temperature and is located around the key muscles and organs which lose the most heat. 

Heat-tech neoprene swim cap 

With a Velcro strap under the chin to cater for different head sizes, the Neoprene Skull Cap provides warmth while maintaining good hydrodynamics through the water. 

Neoprene heat-tech warmth swim socks 

These innovative swimming socks are some of the warmest available on the market, perfect for those who suffer from cold feet or swim through the spring, autumn or winter.

Neoprene heat-tech warmth swim gloves 

The counterpart to Zone3’s heat-tech warmth swim socks, these gloves share the responsibility of keeping your extremities warm, without restricting any movement during that colder off-season swims, with a titanium lining to reflect the body’s heat and improve warmth. 

Heat-Tech Changing Robe 

After a cold swim, sometimes the immediate cure is getting warm and dry. The Heat-Tech Changing Robe is a go-to for this – offering everything someone might need to wrap up and recover quickly. The oversized design with a longer length and more generous sizing offers greater protection and additional space for changing. 

Aeroforce-X Trisuit 

Designed to be the World’s Fastest Tri suit, the Aeroforce-X  Trisuit is exclusively manufactured in the UK and maximises performance across each discipline with its innovative fit and fabric technology. 

Viper-Speed Swim Goggles 

The Viper-Speed goggles focus on reducing drag with a streamlined hydro-dynamic design – but without compromising on comfort.

The ultra-soft silicon gaskets minimise pressure around the eyes and the UltraFAST QuickFIT strap adjust system provides a fast and comfortable way to perfect the fit. 

Swim Safety Buoy & Dry Bag 

This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your kit whilst you swim and to use as an inflatable buoy for increased visibility in open water.

RX3 Medical Grade Compression Tights 

The RX3 tights have undergone regular testing and feedback sessions, resulting in an extremely comfortable, effective medical grade item.

The graduated compression is proven to improve sporting performance and endurance, as well as increase speed and muscle recovery time. 

Men’s Activ Lite T-Shirt 

Made with an ultra light-weight and sweat-wicking fabric,  the Activ Lite t-shirt is designed to be well-fitting but loose enough to allow ventilation throughout the torso while working out. 

Unisex Rx3 Compression Calf Sleeves 

Perfect for racing, training or everyday recovery, the RX3 compression calf sleeves offer graduated compression from the lower calf to the upper calf, designed to increase blood circulation and improve recovery. 

Transition Backpack 

The multi-award-winning Transition bag has been carefully engineered to fit all your triathlon gear into one stylish and comfortable product.

With 3 main sections to accommodate the 3 disciplines, featuring premium durable, waterproof and padded materials, the backpack is extremely versatile and functional. 

Men’s Hybrid Puffa Quilted Jacket 

The Hybrid Quilted Puffa Jacket combines lightweight and breathable side panels, with a windproof Micro-Shell material on the front, back and hood for warmth and comfort. Perfect for training and relaxing.

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