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‘One Kit’ & ‘No Kit’ Workouts


With gyms now open in England and Northern Ireland, many people are thrilled to be back in the gym. 

However, Coronavirus has meant that many gym-goers are conscious about how they use the gym now. 

PureGym has introduced a number of new policies in terms of cleaning and social distancing, but they’ve also release a set of ‘one kit’ and ‘no kit’ workouts that are designed for those that want to use minimal equipment and require less moving around the gym.

They are perfect if you want to touch less equipment whilst you’re in the gym and maintain social distancing. 

Each workout has been designed by PureGym fitness experts.

  • No kit HIIT workout – 25 Minute HIIT No Equipment Workout

HIIT – high intensity interval training – is a type of exercise that has been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness and spike your metabolic rate, so you’ll continue to burn calories even after your workout is done.

And the best bit? All without needing to sweat it out in the gym for hours. They’re short but effective workouts, so ideal if you’re tight on time but still want mega results.

So, if you want a quick burst of movement to get your heart rate up and the endorphins flowing this is the workout for you. 

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second recovery between. After you’ve completed all three exercises in circuit one, take a 1-minute rest before repeating three times through. When you’ve finished circuit one, move on to circuit two and repeat.

Circuit One

Narrow Lunge

Narrow Lunge
  1. Keeping a nice upright posture step one leg back into a lunge, placing the back foot in a narrow stance position
  2. The aim is to move the back knee towards the back of the front foot as you lunge down
  3. Make sure the front knee is tracking over front toe and the back knee is aligned with front foot
  4. Keep the core braced throughout

Lateral Run

Lateral Run
  1. Drive off the outside edge of the foot and aim to move from side to side as quickly as possible
  2. Aim to lift the inside knee as you reach the outside edge for an extra challenge
  3. Keep the ankles upright to avoid ‘rolling out’ in the drive
  4. Remember to use the arms to help create speed and momentum in the run

Power Jump

Power Jump
  1. Take the feet nice and wide into a wide set squat position
  2. Rotate the toes out and the knees should track over the toes to make sure the knees don’t buckle in
  3. Bring the arms down to the floor in a squat position and then drive up into a jump
  4. Point the toes on the elevation to create more tension and power in the jump
  5. Remember to maintain soft knees on the landing

Circuit Two

Push And Reach

Push And Reach
  1. Set yourself up down on the floor in a push up position. Depending on your ability level either set up on your toes or regress this onto your knees.
  2. Keep the hands directly under the shoulders to stabilise yourself
  3. Complete one push up, followed by a lift and reach forward with the arm.
  4. Switch arms as you move through the reps.
  5. Avoid lifting the upper body too high or twisting as you front raise the arm
  6. Remember to brace your core, and keep neutral alignment of the head, shoulders, spine, hips and knees throughout


  1. Start with the feet directly under your hips and shoulders
  2. Brace the core as you hinge at the hip
  3. Walk the hands out to a plank position, and then walk them back in before returning to standing
  4. Try to move with fast hands, and look to alternate the leading hand with each rep
  5. The faster you go the higher your heart rate will go, so the key is to try and move with speed here

Lateral Hop Jump

Lateral Hop Jump
  1. This exercise works on your lateral shift and vertical power but it also great for strength in your leg too
  2. Starting on the outside leg, transition across into a lateral shift and then drive up with the inside knee
  3. Switch sides and repeat moving in the opposite direction
  4. Keep the knees tracking over the toes throughout both the lateral shift and the jump
  5. Remember to use your arms to help generate more momentum

Find out more regarding PureGym’s ‘back to the gym’ training guides here:

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