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Fitness Snacking – Digestible Workout Plans To Keep Your Gut In Gear

Energy Studio at Volonté

Snack on these bite-sized workouts this festive season.

A quick way to boost blood circulation, aid with digestion and increase energy levels at a time of year when personal wellbeing takes a step back, ‘fitness snacking’ is a method of working out that can be structured into quick rounds just once or twice a day.

Fitness Professional Haylene Ryan-Causer, founder of the Energy Studio at Volonté, breaks it down:

Beat the bloating bubbles with this CHAMPAGNE workout:
Feel fabulous and burn up to 80 calories in just ten minutes

X 2 rounds
Running on the spot
Air Squats
Running on the spot
Glute Bridges
Running on the spot
Mountain Climbers

Be Mindful with this MULLED WINE workout:
Burn up to 210 Calories in just 20 minutes

Go outside and find some stairs (approximately 20)
X5 runs up and walk down followed by 10 Squats – X3 rounds
On just one step
X20 Up and Downs on each side, 20 Calf raises on the floor – X3 rounds

The Energy Boosting Eggnog Workout:
Fire through over 340 Calories in 30 minutes

X2-3 rounds – followed by a 10 minute fast walk or jog
X5 Burpees
X10 Jump Squats
X15 Push ups
X20 Sumo Squats
X25 Jumping Jacks
X30 Crunches
X25 Jumping Jacks
X20 Sumo Squats
X15 Press Ups
X10 Jump Squats
X5 Burpees

Do These Digestion-Friendly Workouts:
‘Many factors contribute to poor digestion, especially a sedentary lifestyle. Your gut and brain are connected through neurotransmitters.

High-intensity training and exercising with weights increase the number of nerve inputs to the muscles and therefore increase the activity of a neurotransmitter.’ – Haylene Ryan-Causer, founder of the Energy Studio at Volonté

Here is a short daily workout to aid with digestion:

X20 High Knees
X5 Plank to Crouch
X5 Half Burpees
X10 Deep Squat Jumps
X20 Plank Jacks
X20 Alternating crunches
X10 Windscreen Wipers

Strength training moves to try:
Deadlifts Lunges
Horizontal push
Horizontal Pull
Vertical push
Vertical Pull

Volonté’s Energy Studio has been created from Haylene’s belief that the future of fitness studios revolves around building community-led spaces that draw on deeper human connections.

With a vision to create a nourishing social environment to restore, energise and connect, each fluid and restorative workout utilises functional equipment.

This includes barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and bands combined with bikes and rowing machines to offer highly rewarding, purpose-led fitness experiences with tailored workouts and mentorship.

With a collective spotlight on nutrition and wellbeing, the studio and café is intrinsically linked, uniting as one with a feel-good menu that supports an effective, full-body workout.

Volonté, translating into the French feminine noun for ‘willpower’ – is the realisation of Haylene and her business partner Vidushi Binani, who she has personally trained since the age of 12.

It is this personal relationship, combined with their contrasting expertise and ethnicities that inspired the female duo to create a forward-thinking, inclusive wellbeing space.

Volonté, 299-301 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2DY


Monday to Saturday: 7 am – 7 pm

Sunday: 9 am-6 pm