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Exclusive New ‘Ultimate Performance’ Gym To Open In London’s Financial Heartland

ultimate performance gym london

Last updated on May 20th, 2022 at 08:06 PM

The world’s leading personal training business is launching a new gym in one of London’s financial heartlands.

Ultimate Performance (U.P.), described as the ‘Goldman Sachs of personal training’, is all set to unveil its state-of-the-art, private gym in Canary Wharf in June.

U.P. is world-renowned for delivering unrivalled body transformation results – helping more than 25,000 clients achieve their fitness goals.

Famous for training clients from CEOs and city bankers to celebrities, past clients include Glen Powell, star of the Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick, Jonathan Bailey from Bridgerton, award-winning actress Oliva Colman, DJ Scott Mills, and Gemma Atkinson.

Located in the exclusive new Wood Wharf neighbourhood, this is no ordinary gym. There are no memberships. Instead, clients buy a block of time. Trainers then deliver the absolute maximum results possible over that set time.

This includes personalised training and nutrition programs, and 24/7 support on diet adherence, stress management, sleep strategies and more.

The 4,700 sq. ft Canary Wharf facility is Ultimate Performance’s 21st gym. It brings the business full circle and back to its roots, as the first-ever U.P. gym was opened in London in 2009, by founder and Global CEO, Nick Mitchell.

The business has since expanded worldwide, and now has gyms in nine countries and four continents. Locations include Washington, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Nick Mitchell said: “Canary Wharf is one of Europe’s leading centres for finance, business and tech.

“With our experience working with thousands of workers in the world’s busiest business hubs, launching our new gym here was a natural choice.

“I used to work in the City, so more than anyone else in the fitness industry, at U.P. we understand the stresses and pain points of working in the City. We know time is money. Our proven methods are honed to deliver world-class results, with just 2.7 hours per week of gym time for clients.

“We are not like other gyms. I judge my trainers on the quality of their results and the return on investment they deliver to clients. That means clients can be assured they will be working with a trainer who is 100% focused on getting results, not just milking them for cash like other trainers do.

“Canary Wharf clients can expect the best personal training experience on the planet. Time after time, our clients tell us that we have not only improved the way they look and feel, but we have also improved their productivity and performance at work.”

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