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Could A Microbiome Testing Kit Help You Not only Physically But Mentally Also

Thryve Kit 2

Last updated on November 29th, 2021 at 01:51 PM

Ever wondered how much bacteria your gut is holding and how much of it is good or bad bacteria?

More and more research is revealing how much our gut health aids us in leading a happy and healthy life not only physically but also mentally.

With this I wanted to put my poo to the test (literally) and find out just what was going on within my gut, this is where I discovered Thryve.

Launched in 2016 the San Francisco-based health and wellness startup offers a test to analyze the presence of bacteria in your gut by testing a stool sample.

Could A Microbiome Testing Kit Help

Thryve is an all-encompassing gut health program that takes the guesswork out of optimal wellness.

They send you everything you need to safely retrieve a sample from your toilet paper and mail it in for DNA analysis. 

Now I have to be honest taking a sample of your stool isn’t the nicest of things to be doing in your day but once I got over the fact of swabbing a sample of my stool and placing it in the test tube that comes with the Thryve collection kit it is pretty straightforward. 

Once I had done that and arranged for FedEx to collect my parcel I must admit I did have a childish laugh to myself that I was now sending a piece of me off to the USA. 

That being said I have to also say I was mightily surprised at the turnaround of said parcel being sent to the US, tested and results back with me quicker than my order of a Moonpig card which took over 3 weeks to arrive with me ordered from within the UK. (that’s a different story though). 

So now that I had my results back I then had a fully comprehensive report regarding my gut health which contained within it a full breakdown of the bacteria that Thryve found in my sample. 

Could A Microbiome Testing Kit Help

What I liked about the report was that it not only contained the breakdown regarding my gut health it also includes actionable insights to improve your gut microbiome with a custom probiotic and diet plan.

I was also privileged to speak with Thryve’s Clinical Researcher Partner Kimberly Griffith MS Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine who further enlightened me to a few factors that I had initially missed from my report. 

These insights are invaluable because a microbial imbalance can cause several health-related issues. Even more incredible, many everyday symptoms we experience are dependent on which bacteria are overrunning your gut microbiome. 

Gut bacteria also have unique dietary preferences. Thryve has a database of over 35,000 scientific journals, which link specific bacteria to their ideal food sources.

Therefore, Thryve offers personalized diet recommendations that reveal which foods you should avoid and which foods will feed the bacteria you’re trying to grow. 

If you want to ensure you have top quality gut health, Thryve offers a custom probiotic supplement to help you regain the balance of your gut microbiome once you have your results back.

Unlike generic probiotics, these supplements contain bacteria you truly need!

Your probiotics are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and double-tested in manufacturing and bottling for the highest quality product available.

To find out for yourself what Thryve can do for you, head over to their website here: