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Peloton Is A New Name To UK Shores But It’s A Brand That Is Being Heavily Tipped To Reinvent Fitness

peloton reinvent fitness

Fans of cycling may have recently seen the adverts of a new fitness brand to hit our screens in the UK of late, Peloton is a new name to UK shores but it’s a brand that is being heavily tipped to reinvent fitness by bringing live and on-demand boutique-style studio classes to the convenience and comfort of your own home.

With immersive fitness content, taught by Peloton’s roster of elite instructors, it features real-time motivation and curated playlists of your favourite artists, you will be able to train live and on-demand with some of the world’s greatest fitness instructors in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Peloton launched five years ago in the US and now offers more than 10,000 on-demand spin classes, each recorded in the company’s New York studio, as well as 14 “live” sessions a day.

The brand is already a sensation in the US and favoured by the likes of Hugh Jackman and Ellen DeGeneres. Since it’s launch in the UK on the 25th September it has fast gained support from UK favourite celebrities Joe Wicks, Usain Bolt, David Beckham and Rita Ora to name a few.

The name Peloton may not be familiar with most but this is set to change very soon. This year alone Peloton will have opened six retail showrooms across London, in locations such as Westfield, Canary Wharf, Kings Road, Marylebone High Street, Spitalfields and St Pancras.

Peloton’s flagship store, will be located at Peloton House on Floral Street in London’s trendy Covent Garden. This is the site of its first UK-based cycling studio, where it is also set to broadcast live classes across European timezones.

But why not just visit the gym? Peloton understands that people want to workout, and as most of us are well aware we all face a lot of obstacles and challenges that stand in of way of doing so.

John Foley, founder and CEO, experienced this catch-22 first hand when he and his wife Jill could no longer manage to fit studio classes into their busy schedules with two kids at home. Thus, the idea for Peloton was born: Bring studio-style, group fitness classes home, so you can access the motivation, power, and intensity of these classes anytime, anywhere.

Peloton is the only studio that live-streams content to bike owners at home all over the world with a unique boutique fitness offering with only a 2ft commute, (Ideal for time-poor families), you no longer have to live in a major city to get the benefit of boutique fitness classes

The immersive experience of riding with Peloton means you are motivated to train like never before –instructors will call out riders during both live and on-demand classes to really keep momentum going, class variety as each instructor has their own unique style, whether you want to be uplifted, inspired or pushed beyond your limit. From 5 minute warm ups, to 90 minute cycles

The UK Instructors so far include Benjamin Alldis and Leanne Hainsby, with many more to follow this coming year.


The Peloton Bike offers the very best of fitness and tech, connecting riders to world-class workouts (live and on-demand) led by the world’s best instructors whenever, wherever.

With instant access to classes, performance tracking metrics and a motivating real-time leader board, Peloton is changing the way people get fit through a comprehensive and socially connected-experience.

10,000 + on-demand classes, 14 daily live classes

22-inch touchscreen

£1990 + £39/month subscription for unlimited live and on-demand classes.


135 pounds

4’ x 2’ (46.9″ x 23″ x 46.9″) footprint

Equipped with an immersive 22” custom-made touchscreen


Carbon steel construction (Sturdy, steel frame)

Near-silent belt drive allows you to ride without bothersome noise or disruption.

Smooth magnetic resistance (There is no contact between the moving wheel and the brake, leading to a much smoother feel, more consistent braking force, no wearing surfaces vs. standard friction braking)

A real-time leader board allows you to track your progress versus other riders & your own Personal Record


Cadence (Speed)


Output (Power in KJ)

Designed in NYC, manufactured in Taiwan

Bikes sold in the UK (since /25/09/18), in all 50 US states, and Canada (except for Quebec, as of 10/11/18)

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