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Reflex Nutrition Launch Nutrition Range For Cross-Functional Training Athletes

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Reflex Nutrition launch a complete X-Functional Training Range that consists of nine products, each with targeted nutrition benefits to help athletes look, feel and be at their best.

Reflex have been at the forefront of sports nutrition for over 20 years, constantly adapting, refining and innovating the finest quality products to benefit their community of athletes. And, this range is no different. Like all Reflex products the range goes above and beyond what’s required with:

  • Never soya protein
  • High-quality minerals
  • Absolutely no aspartame
  • Only whey from grass-fed cows
  • UK manufactured at Reflex’s state of the art facility in Brighton

The X-Functional Training Range has been in testing for 8 months and has come about in response to gyms diversifying their current class portfolio, bespoke Cross-Functional Training gyms surfacing and a general trend towards this type of multi-disciplinary training(*).

Given the rise in popularity, Reflex Nutrition have taken this as an opportunity to get to know cross-functional athletes and their needs when it comes to sports nutrition, which requires a more targeted approach to current market offerings.

And, after 45 formulations, 20 tasting sessions and 1 new look, the range is finally ready:

01 Recover and Refuel

Multidisciplinary workouts push the body in both strength and endurance and therefore a post-workout recovery product which provides a wholesome recovery is a must.

With a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein; containing both fast and slow-release carbohydrates and fast releasing protein, Recover and Refuel offers a more all-encompassing recovery in the tasty flavours of Chocolate and Salted Peanut Caramel.

02 Rest and Maintain

Those who train cross-functionally want to maintain a high level of protein in their diet to support muscle growth and muscle maintenance, even on rest days.

Rest and Maintain is low in fat, sugar and contains 20g of fast-releasing protein, digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria. It comes in chocolate and chai latte flavour.

03 Energise and Hydrate

This pre and intra workout in mango and raspberry and watermelon provides a unique solution.

With energy though fast release carbohydrates and hydration through added electrolytes, plus 180mg of caffeine and BCAA’s, Energise and Hydrate is designed to help people go into their WOD feeling both mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenge.

04 Creatine

Cross-Functional Training is versatile, at times the body will be performing short, high-intensity movements.

Creatine has a role in increasing performance during high-intensity training, and supplementing with creatine can top up the body’s natural stores – therefore enhancing the impact. We believe this product is a must have in any X-Functional Training range.

05 Omega 3+

Fish oils are the richest source of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA (which the human body cannot manufacture on its own) and supplementing with high levels of EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart. This is essential for cross functional training which puts pressure on the cardiovascular system.

In addition to this, Omega 3+ contains added vitamins (A, E, D & K) which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function, as well as the normal functioning of the immune system, all which are important when training to high intensity.

06 Zinc and Magnesium

Cross-Functional Training can put extra stress and pressure on the body and as such, people search for products to supplement vitamins and minerals that they may lack in their diet.

Zinc and Magnesium are popular supplements among Cross-Functional Trainers; especially CrossFitters due to their roles in contributing towards the normal functioning of the muscles and protein synthesis. Reflex’s Zinc and Magnesium has the addition of vitamin B6 which helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

The X-Functional Training range will be available from from 4th March. To sign up for updates on the range, including a reminder of the launch date please visit