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5 Reasons to Join Your Local Mountain Biking Club

Person looks across lake after leaving mountain bike
© Daniel Frank

It’s true that the first few months of a new year can be very chilly, with challenging weather conditions, but at the same time, can be accompanied by the motivation to try something different and kickstart a new health routine or activity. 

If you love to hit the trails with your mountain bike, whether it’s a new hobby for you or not, how about heading down to your local mountain biking club, to join up?

But if you’re finding yourself needing a little more motivation to peddle this year, Ben Mercer from the mountain bike helmet division at Leisure Lakes Bikes, is here to give you five reasons why you should join a mountain biking club in 2022.

1. Find new routes to ride

Mountain biking clubs are filled with enthusiasts, some of whom may have been riding for years. Other bikers will have a wealth of local route knowledge that you can feed off.

If the mountain biking club is British Cycling affiliated, they will have trained ride leaders that will help organise rides and routes each week.

After you’ve experienced these routes with your clubs, you can enjoy doing them with your own friends.

2. Progress your skills

Yet again, mountain biking clubs allow you to benefit from the wealth of experience that other riders have.

Many mountain bikers join clubs to develop their skills and practice among like-minded people. Once you’ve joined, you’re far more likely to encounter riders that are better than you, and that’s a good thing.

You can follow them down trails, ask for advice, and recognise their specialities. If your resolution this year is to push yourself, then mountain biking is the activity to help you do it.

3. Technical know-how

Mountain bikes are technical equipment designed for a specific purpose. But sometimes, with fast and bumpy trails, your equipment can take a beating.

Repair and maintenance is a big part of being a mountain biker, ensuring that your equipment is working effectively and safely. Learning about how to maintain your bike will help your biking progress and will boost the longevity of your equipment.

While you can always Google questions about your bike, your local club will have people that know bikes inside and out.

When you go on a mountain biking trip, mechanics from local shops will join you and help you maintain and repair your equipment. Much better than a DIY job.

4. Regular rides and motivation

Motivation can be a big problem when it comes to getting your leg over the saddle. Finding the time and energy to go out for a ride can be difficult.

That’s why a mountain biking club can help. Clubs will organise regular rides that you can lock into your calendar and push you to get out on your bike.

The more you ride, the more friends you make. Eventually, going out with your mountain biking club is less about going for a ride and more about just seeing your friends for a fun and active adventure.

5. Get fit, have fun

This may sound like we’re going back to basics. This point does appear throughout the list but it deserves to be emphasised: mountain biking is a great way to get fit, have fun and seek adventures.

If you mountain bike for an hour, you can expect to burn between 550 and 800 calories or the equivalent of five to nine Yorkshire puddings.

Our goals throughout 2022 should reflect a healthier lifestyle that is fun and boosts your confidence, and mountain biking is a great way to do that.

If you’re looking to join a club, use the internet, social media, or visit British Cycling to find your nearest or most accessible club. Head along, be safe, and enjoy.