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Two Energising HIIT Workouts To Do At Home


By David Saunders | UPDATED: 07:28, 29 April 2020

While we’re all stuck at home, making the effort to get out of bed or off the sofa and do some exercise can be, well, an effort. But the thing is, a body at rest tends to stay at rest!

The more tired you feel, the less you want to work out and the less you work out, the less energetic you feel.

Though having a lazy day here and there is always welcome, and rest days are important for muscle recovery, it’s also important to try and stay active so that you can feel energised throughout your week.

Here are two energising, full body 20-minute workouts that the Spatone team have been loving.

They don’t require any equipment, and Workout 2 is noise-free, in case your floor isn’t jump-proof and you have downstairs neighbours. Though you can exercise at any time that works for you, we do recommend doing it in the morning to get your blood pumping and energy levels up right from the start of your day.

Both workouts consist of two circuits that you will go through twice. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, taking a 30 second rest in between each exercise. Once you’ve finished the circuit, take a 60 second rest before moving onto the next circuit.


Circuit 1:

  • Sumo squats: Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width and point your toes outwards slightly.

  • Jumping jacks: Try to stay active in your arms as well as your legs, don’t let them flop!

  • High plank hold: Make sure you’re straying strong in your core, push your heels back and keep your shoulders engaged.

  • Straight leg calf jumps: Allow your legs to bend slightly when you land and make sure you land through the ball of your feet.

60s REST

Circuit 2:

  • Alternating reverse lunges: Make sure your front knee isn’t going over your toes when you lunge backwards with your other leg – you want a 90degree angle.

  • Bicycle crunches: Pull your navel in and push your back into the floor to properly engage your abs.

  • Mountain climbers: Get into a high plank position but this time, bring one knee to the chest, switching rapidly with the other. Use your core strength and arms to keep you stable and try to switch your legs quickly in order to get your blood pumping.

  • Squat jumps: Try to jump up as dynamically as possible, stretching your legs and arms down as you propel yourself upwards.

60s REST

Circuit 1:

  • Sumo squats

  • Jumping jacks

  • High plank hold

  • Straight leg calf jumps

60s REST

Circuit 2:

  • Alternating reverse lunges

  • Bicycle crunches

  • Mountain climbers

  • Squat jumps


WORKOUT 2 (noise-free)

Circuit 1:

  • Alternating curtsy lunges: It’s like a reverse lunge, but instead of sending your foot directly behind you, cross it behind your other leg like a curtsy.

  • Squat to calf raises: Squat down then come up onto the ball of your foot as you rise up)

  • Incline triceps press ups: Use a higher surface to make this easier and try to keep your arms close to your body.

  • Crunch toe touches: Lie down on your back and raise your legs straight above you. As you crunch up, try to touch your toes with your fingers. Don’t worry if you can’t, just make sure your core is engaged and your neck is relaxed.

60s REST

Circuit 2:

  • Pulse squats: Place your feet hip width apart and squat down. Stay in the deep squat and pulse up and down for 30 seconds without coming all the way up.

  • Russian twists: Sit down on a mat and raise your legs to a 90 degree angle in front of you, you can cross them to make it a little easier. Then, twist your torso from one side to the other for 30 seconds without letting your feet drop. Make sure you keep your back straight and tuck your navel in to protect your lower back.

  • Low plank hip dips: Get into a low plank on your forearms. Keeping your shoulders strong, let your right hips reach down towards the mat. Come back up and switch to the left. Alternate between the two, making sure not to arch your back.

  • Single leg half squat: Stand with your feet hip width apart. Lift your right leg in front of your (you can keep it bent if you’d like), squat down halfway on your other leg and then straighten it. Try to keep your right leg from falling to the ground. Repeat this for 15 seconds before switching to the other leg.

60s REST

Circuit 1:

  • Alternating curtsy lunges

  • Squat to calf raises

  • Incline triceps press ups

  • Crunch toe touches


Circuit 2:

  • Pulse squats

  • Russian twists

  • Low plank hip dips

  • Single leg half squat


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