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Freeletics Has Devised A ‘15 Minute Training Journey’ To Truly Take The Stress Out Of Exercise

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In 2013, Freeletics began disrupting the fitness industry, today, after growing globally for over five years Freeletics is one of the global leading fitness apps with over 40 million users worldwide.

Freeletics is the creator of one of the world’s most  popular fitness apps, it has since gone on to become one of the fastest-growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world.

It’s with this that we decided to ask the Freeletics team of experts to put together some of their 2020 Fitness trend predictions.

Mindful Exercise and the Importance of Building Mental Toughness alongside Physical Strength

Body, mind and behaviour: they’re all connected. This relationship will be further explored in 2020, with an increased focus on mindfulness and holistic methods of getting in shape, staying healthy, managing stress levels and getting more out of each day, resulting in a truly 360° approach to health and fitness.

Putting mindfulness at the heart of their offering, leading AI fitness app Freeletics will be launching Mindset, which gives users a comprehensive approach to staying fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

Mindset will focus on mental strength and self-development in addition to exercise to offer users the chance to work out their bodies and their minds.

In addition to exercise programmes, this new offering will also include audio courses which focus on exercise, sleep and mindfulness, as well as inspirational stories to ensure that users can practice mindfulness on a regular basis to transform the way they approach situations and build healthy, lifelong, lasting habits.

Hybrid Workouts

Bridging two disciplines together in one workout is becoming increasingly popular, helping users to burn more calories while improving flexibility and strength.

The newest ‘hybrid’ workout taking the fitness scene by storm is ‘Hybrid Running’, a new Training Journey from leading Global fitness app Freeletics, which combines bodyweight or strength training with running.

This alliance between bodyweight training and cardiovascular exercise can produce considerably more benefits to the body than using either of the training types independently, accelerating results, enhancing endurance and targeting more muscles to promote the afterburn effect, so that the body continues to burn calories after the workout is over.

The ‘Hybrid Running’ personal training plan combines core and lower body exercises with sprint intervals and distance runs to burn fat, improve running performance and increase cardiovascular stamina.

Unlike most running apps, the Freeletics take on running does not revolve around endless miles, tracking data and comparing graphs. Instead, it focuses on running smarter with specific training plans to achieve real results.

Users can choose between ‘Run Further’, ‘Run Faster’ and ‘Run & Burn’, which have been designed to target specific running goals in the most efficient way possible.

To achieve this, the Freeletics Coach, an advanced digital personal trainer, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give every user a hyper-personalised workout experience, comparing and learning from 39 million users worldwide to tailor workout plans for optimum results.

On Demand Workouts 

At home, on demand workouts have had an upgrade with multiple options now available which allow you to turn your front room into a gym.

Taking on demand fitness to the next level, Global leading fitness app Freeletics has launched a range of new Training Journeys giving users a cost-effective, on demand way to workout which truly gets results.

Under the guidance of the Freeletics Coach, AKA a personal trainer in your pocket, users are guides through bespoke workouts which are tailored to your goal, age, fitness level and preferences.

With no equipment or space required for workouts, it’s easy to train anytime, anywhere with no excuses, ensuing you can smash your 2020 fitness goals.

15 Minute Workouts 

We’ve already seen this with the rise of high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) in the past few years. Shorter workouts can be just as effective at transforming the body as longer workouts. In fact, these types of workouts have been proven to offer the quickest results. Plus, you don’t have to carve out so much time to work out, meaning you’re less likely to skip a class.

Many PT’s and even the NHS say that you can get fitter with as little as 15 minutes of exercise per day, and to make sure you’re using such a small amount of time wisely, Freeletics has devised a ‘15 Minute Training Journey’ to truly take the stress out of exercise and allowing you to plan your workouts to perfection, maximising your time and fast-tracking your results. 

The new ‘15 Minute Training Journey’ from Freeletics guides users through a full body workout which is tailored to your individual goals.

Using bodyweight only, this six-week training journey can be done anytime, anywhere and with no equipment, eliminating any excuse to skip a training session.

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