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Exerceo Launches 3 Innovative EMS Studios In Central London

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Last updated on October 27th, 2021 at 08:21 PM

Struggling to find time in the day to squeeze in that all-important workout now that lockdown and online workouts are a thing of the past?

Then prepare to feel faster, fitter and stronger in no time at all with Exerceo Training – a new and unique concept using the latest in EMS technology from XBody to offer a time-efficient and high-intensity workout, suitable for even the busiest of lifestyle: short enough to do on your lunchtime and still give you enough spare time to get a bite to eat afterwards. 

Endorsed by professional athletes, A list-actors and models worldwide, EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is the fastest growing area of the fitness industry and eliminates the need to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals.

EMS makes straightforward exercises more intense than a conventional workout, with each 20-minute session offering the equivalent workout to 90 minutes in a conventional gym.

Depending on fitness levels, users need only do one or two of Exerceo’s EX20 sessions a week to keep healthy and fit.

Using cutting-edge technology, Exerceo also offers EXGO – bringing EMS workouts to the homes and offices of their London clients, and RCVR, a recovery workout to aid in rehabilitation and recuperation.

Founded by three hard-working professionals who could simply never find time to work out, and led by a team of trainers that includes an XBody EMS Master Trainer and a number of sports scientists, Exerceo is leading the EMS revolution in Central London.

Operating from three new studios in Blackfriars, Monument, and Belgravia, Exerceo trainers create tailored programs to help their clients achieve their fitness goals in a fraction of the time it would usually take, using the latest state of the art EMS equipment.

With continued research into new applications for this technology, Exerceo is looking to pave the way in the EMS revolution in London and beyond. 

How EMS Works

During traditional exercise, the brain sends signals to the muscles to contract, but these contractions use load as a stimulus.

EMS training mimics the action of the central nervous system, activating muscles in the same way, but using external impulses.

Delivered via electrodes onto the skin directly above the muscles, these impulses reach deep into the muscle fibres that are hard to activate through conventional training.

As muscles can’t tell the difference in the type of stimulus, this means users can workout faster, and with less load on the joints. 

Benefits of EMS Training

  • Scientifically proven to achieve fast, sustainable results 
  • EX20 training sessions are equal to 90 minutes of high intensity gym training
  • Burn up to 500 calories per session
  • Repairs and strengthens muscles and joints
  • Beneficial for those recovering from injury as it places no strain on joints or tendons
  • Can help improve bone density
  • Aesthetic results in a very small fraction of time
  • Tone up, lose weight, gain muscle and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Exerceo EMS sessions can be private or for two people. Prices start from £25 per session, based on the Back to Work special offer for 2 sessions per week (£200 every 4 weeks) Exerceo is currently offering free EX20 trial sessions.