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Fitness Expert Reveals the Most Efficient Workout Trends of 2021

With Brits being forced to ditch the gym and exercise remotely, the experts at GolfSupport.com sought to find out the most efficient workout trends of 2021.

To do so, they got exclusive insight from Elliot Hasoon, Founder of EH Coaching and host of The Simply Fit Podcast who analysed the top 10 trendiest workout types of 2021 and calculated how many calories a person can lose after just 30 minutes of working out. 

With different variables that would impact the number of calories burnt in 30 mins, GolfSupport.com and Elliot Hasoon analysed the approx. calories burnt for two different weight categories: a 61kg individual and an 84kg individual. 

What are the most efficient workout trends of 2021?

Indoor cycling is revealed to be the most efficient workout, with an individual weighing 61kg burning approximately 240 calories after 30 minutes of working out, whilst an 84kg individual could burn around 350 calories after 30 minutes of cycling!

But why is indoor cycling so efficient? Elliot Hasoon explains: 

‘It is a fantastic cardio workout that offers a huge amount of variety, you can focus on muscular endurance, strength, speed and vary the intensity based on your experience level. Also helpful for those with knee injuries due to the low impact.’

Muay Thai and kettlebell training both share second place, with an individual weighing 61kg burning approximately 210, whilst an 84kg individual could burn around 320 calories after 30 minutes of each workout.

Mr. Hasoon explains why these workouts are so effective: 

‘Muay Thai is a great way to improve stamina, muscular endurance and coordination, great if you’re looking to lose body fat, build muscle and learn a self-defence discipline.

A workout with kettlebells is an effective cardio and strength workout that will use the majority of your muscle groups and it’s easy to do in the comfort of your own home.’

Dance workouts come third! Those who enjoy having fun whilst working out can burn around 180 calories, for a 61kg individual or 270 calories for an 84kg individual, for just 30min of exercising. Elliot explains: 

‘Dancing is an effective cardio workout that can be varied in intensity to match the experience level of the individual. The enjoyment element is probably the biggest highlight of dance workouts along with the accessibility as it often requires little/no equipment.’ 

Calisthenics and resistance training are in fourth place. Calisthenics is a form of training with minimal or no equipment, the person using their own bodyweight instead.

After just 30 minutes of calisthenics or resistance training a person weighing 61kg can burn around 130 calories whilst a person weighing 84kg can burn around 200 calories

‘Calisthenics will help you develop lean muscle/muscular endurance, it can become very challenging the more advanced you get, but is very accessible once again, as it’s all centred around using bodyweight. 

Resistance training will help you build lean muscle and simultaneously burn calories. It’s known that those with more muscle in their body burn more calories than those without.

Using short rest periods and compound movements will help increase the calories burnt per session.’ 

Fast-paced walking comes in fifth place. A brisk 30 minutes walk around your neighbourhood can make a 61kg person burn around 120 calories, and an 84kg person can burn around 180 calories

‘Very underrated but probably the easiest place to start, low impact, very easy to regress/progress and little/no equipment needed.’

Yoga and barre share the sixth place, with a person weighing 61kg burning approximately 100 calories for 30 minutes of exercise, whilst a person weighing 84kg burning approximately 160 calories. 

‘Yoga will help you improve your mobility and mindfulness due to the focus of breathing and stretching. It’s a great place to start for those new to exercise or who are intimidated by high intensity workouts.

Barre is a great workout for increased flexibility, muscle tone, with very little injury risk or impact on joins. Can be an effective supplementary workout between your higher intensity sessions.’

Pilates comes in last place, with a person weighing 61kg burning approximately 90 calories for 30 minutes of exercise, whilst a person weighing 84kg burning approximately 150 calories. 

‘Pilates is great for those with injury, who want to improve posture and is accessible for both younger and the older generation.’ 

*the average weight for men (84kg) and women (61kg) were taken into consideration for the study.


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