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Outdoor Fitness Concepts Partners With Omnigym To Launch New National Outdoor Fitness Initiative

Man works out in public park

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:25 PM

Outdoor Fitness Concepts, the turnkey outdoor gym equipment and solutions provider, is launching a new, National Outdoor Fitness Initiative in partnership with Omnigym, offering the brand’s state-of-the-art outdoor strength equipment for free to councils, local authorities, and leisure operators, for installation in parks and other public spaces.

The new initiative is based on a six-week free trial aimed at promoting active lifestyles and improving health and wellness in UK communities, with access to outdoor strength training equipment which is certified EN 16630:2015 compliant and has been scientifically proven to be as good as or better than indoor gym equipment.

According to research analysis from 32 countries around the world, only 17.3% of individuals meet the recommended guidelines for both aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening activities.

The National Outdoor Fitness Initiative provides a unique opportunity for UK councils and leisure trusts to introduce the world’s leading outdoor strength equipment from Omnigym, for free, to outdoor spaces in the heart of local communities.

Outdoor Fitness Concepts will install up to nine pieces of variable load strength equipment, including wheelchair-accessible pieces, all mounted on moveable platforms and able to be placed on any level surface. 

The equipment will be installed with Omnigym SMART data sensors to measure a range of usage statistics. During the initial six-week trial period, Outdoor Fitness Concepts will share data and detailed feedback from users to support future health and fitness strategies and potential funding opportunities.

In a 2022 initiative conducted by Omnigym across eight European countries, 99% of the respondents wanted the outdoor fitness area to remain a permanent fixture, and 83% of the respondents considered the equipment to be “as good” or “better than” indoor equipment.

Data from three outdoor gyms that took part in the initiative in 2022 also counted nearly 100,000 visits and 11 million reps over a 12-month period. 

Steve Perrins, founder and CEO of Outdoor Fitness Concepts, said: “From day one, Outdoor Fitness Concepts’ goal has been simple – to create incredible outdoor gyms and fitness spaces that inspire people to become more active, and help them manage health conditions and improve long term health outcomes. 

“Many European countries have already seen the benefits from this initiative, and we firmly believe that there is great potential in the UK to transform public spaces into hubs of wellness, providing a convenient, accessible space for communities to come together, engage in physical activity, and prioritise their health. 

“By collaborating with local authorities, councils and leisure operators, we aim to create vibrant, accessible outdoor fitness environments for all abilities that promote healthy living within communities.”

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