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5 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

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They say you’re only as young as your spine is flexible. Back pain increases as we age mainly because we don’t focus on keeping it healthy, flexible & mobile. 

Back pain is a complex issue and one that affects most people, unfortunately. Particularly if, for the last year you’ve been hunched over the dining room table, cradling your laptop from your half-sitting-half-lying-down position from the couch, or even using an ironing board as a standing desk!

As we return to semi-normality, it’s important to recognise the havoc we’ve caused our posture and back in the last year. 

Anna De Sousa, expert instructor from MoreYoga, a London-based yoga brand, has detailed her recommendations for five yoga poses which can help to release the spine.

Anna recommends doing each one every day, and insists the sequence need only take 5 minutes, and you can do it anywhere and anytime! 

For a handy video tutorial on yoga poses for back pain, follow MoreYoga’s guide video below:


One of the causes of back pain can come from tight quadriceps & hip flexors. So, let’s get into them! 

Start in all 4 and step the right foot outside your right hand. Allow your hips to soften towards the floor. Try to keep the chest broad and the shoulders away from the ears. 

Stay for a minute or so before taking the other side. 

Easy forward fold

Another cause of back pain can be tight hamstrings. If your hamstrings are tight, you might not be able to fully extend the hips, which will cause rounding of spine and back pain over time. 

From standing, open your legs hip-width distance and while keeping your knees soft, roll your spine down until your belly is over your thighs.

Keep your knees soft and perhaps catch opposite elbows and allow the weight of your body to stretch the hamstrings and release your lower back. 

Maybe have a gentle roll from side to side to get into the sides of your waist. 

Yogi squat + spine roll 

Yogi squat is a fantastic way to release the lower back. But this variation will also stretch and release your whole spine and neck, allowing an entire spinal flexion that will leave you feeling like new. 

Heel-toe your feet wider than hip width distance, turn your toes to face outwards and your heels face inwards. Bend your knees deeply and get into a squat position. You can use a block to support your bum if you need it! 

Now interlace your fingers and place your palms on the back of your head. Allow your chin to tuck to your chest and the elbows to draw, allowing your whole spine to roll. 

Puppy’s pose

Everything in our day-to-day lives encourages our shoulders to roll forward, causing our spine to round. As a result, our chest muscles are usually quite tight and in need of a stretch. 

For this one, come to your hands & knees. Keep your hips on top of the knees and start walking your hands forward. Then start melting your chest towards the floor. 

Supine Twist

Twisting the spine is the best way of releasing tension! 

Come to lie on your back and open your arms to the side in a T shape. Lift your legs and bend your knees, so your shins are parallel to the floor. Then drop both knees to one side. Give it a minute before you go on to the other side. 

MoreYoga has a range of in-studio and online yoga classes, perfect for stretching the muscles out before or after a long day at the office. Find the studios across London via MoreYoga’s website or check out the on-demand or LIVE stream versions available via MoreYoga Wellness TV

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