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Can’t Get To The Gym This Christmas? Try These Quick Workouts At Home

woman wears christmas hat and holds dummbells

The Christmas chaos means most of us probably won’t be keeping up our usual exercise regime but if a week of only moving from the couch to the fridge isn’t for you – there are some quick home workouts you can do to burn off (some) of the extra festive calories.

These exercises from the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide are designed to lift your bottom and slim your legs.

BodyBoss recommends starting with a 10 minute stretching session, followed by exercises, including the following five, which should take about a minute each. Take a three minute break after you’ve done them all, and repeat three times, before doing a 10 minute cool down like walking.

1. Glute lunges: 20 each side

Glute lunge (BodyBoss/PA)

Start off standing straight with feet shoulder-width apart and hands clasped in front of your chest. Then shift your body weight onto your left leg and, with your right leg, take a step backwards, behind your left leg.

Bend both knees about 90 degrees, letting your right knee almost touch the ground, and step your right leg back beside your left leg.

Go back to starting position and repeat movement with your left leg and then alternate between both legs.

2. High knees: 40 each leg

High kicks (BodyBoss/PA)

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your palms down, held around waist level.

Lift your right knee to your chest and, in close succession, bring your left knee to hit your palms and repeat.

3. Side jacks: 20 each side

Side Kicks (BodyBoss/PA)

Start in a push up position with your palms shoulder-width apart and your feet together.

Shift your bodyweight onto your arms. Keeping your palms on the floor and feet together, jump your feet to the right by bending your knees and hips.

Repeat by jumping as far left, over the mat, as possible. Repeat, alternating between left and right sides of the mat.

4. Glute bridges: 30

Glute Bridge (BodyBoss/PA)

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and palms facing down, out by your side.

Pushing with your heels, lift your hips off the floor to form a straight line with your upper body and glutes and hold for one second.

Drop your hips toward your starting position but don’t let your back touch the floor and repeat.

5. Glute kickbacks: 20 each side

Glute Kickbacks (BodyBoss/PA)

Start with your palms flat on the floor, arms shoulder-width apart and knees on the floor slightly apart.

Keep your back straight. Keep your knees bent and push back through your right leg, ankles pointing towards the sky.

Lower your right knee back to the floor and return to your starting position. Do reps as per workout and then repeat with your left leg.

BodyBoss Ultimate Body Guide cover (BodyBoss/PA)

The BodyBoss Ultimate Body Guide is available to buy now for £39.90 online or £54.90 for the print edition.

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