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Why Do More Women See The Benefits Of Staying Active And Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Compared To Men

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Who runs the world? GIRLS. A recent study reveals that women are now putting a greater emphasis on their health and wellbeing.

Data from Decathlon has revealed that an impressive 62% of women think being fit and healthy is an important part of life, with nearly 1 in 3 (31%) caring more about their fitness as they’ve gotten older.

It seems that more women see the benefits of staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle compared to men, with 42% saying it helps to improve their mood compared to only 32% of men.

Women clearly identify with the positive benefits of exercise on their mental health too, as 41% say it improves their mental state compared to only 32% of men.

The importance of exercise doesn’t stop there, as while only 23% of men say it boosts their self-esteem, more than 1 in 3 (36%) women recognise this as a top benefit of staying active.

Looking at how women like to stay fit and active, walking (74%), swimming (35%) and running (31%) came out on top and were also proved to be the more popular choice amongst the female population when compared to men.

Yoga and pilates showed the greatest gender divide, with four times as many women claiming to enjoy them compared to men.

Frances Sue, Decathlon UK Head of Brand, comments: “It’s brilliant to see women putting their health and wellness first, whilst also understanding and identifying the many benefits that maintaining an active lifestyle can offer. It’s important for all women, no matter their age, to take care of themselves by keeping regularly active.”

“There are lots of different ways to keep active, whether it’s a walk around your local park, cycling around the city or a friendly match with your friend on the tennis court. 

At Decathlon, we range over 70 different sports, so we’re here to help you on whatever fitness or sporting journey you choose.”

Top 10 Most Popular Ways for Women to Stay Active:

  1. Walking (74%)
  2. Swimming (35%)
  3. Running (31%)
  4. Cycling (24%)
  5. Yoga / pilates (21%)
  6. Going to the gym (18%)
  7. Hiking (13%)
  8. Tennis (11%)
  9. Football (8%)
  10. Horse riding (5%)

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