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Feel Your Best: Which Massage Will Keep You On Track Post Freedom Day?

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Now Freedom Day has been and gone, the prime time for the nation now is to focus on themselves, lace up their trainers and get back into the world as everything starts opening back up. 

However, throwing yourself into your new regime at 100mph can result in stresses (and injuries) that can stop you in your tracks before you cross the starting line. 

That’s why the team at wellness app Urban believe the best way to feel better is to take care of ourselves first, empowering people to be their best selves by taking time for wellness. 

This includes making time for regular massages, providing confidence, energy and relaxation while preventing injuries and ailments. 

But with so many massage options to choose from, how do you know which one answers your needs? 

Urban has deciphered four different types of massages to help you on your way to your wellness goals this summer, with help from Urban’s team of therapy experts 


Reflexology is an ancient massage practice that is steeped in centuries of history. 

Based on the belief that pressure points on the hands, feet, ears and face correspond to different parts of the body, it is a fantastic complementary therapy that can be used alongside treatment for other ongoing conditions.

Linked by nerve lines and lines of energy, the most immediate benefit includes relaxation, which in turn can lower your heart rate, boost circulation and ease stress. 

Urban, says: “Try reflexology for any tension built up whilst working from home, or to give your hands and feet some well-deserved love. It’s also great for rebalancing the body between any fitness exercises.” 

Lymphatic drainage 

Improving circulation, shaking off toxins and boosting energy levels, you can never have too many lymphatic drainage massages. 

Using light pressure and a slow pace, this super-gentle massage is a great way to drive out negative toxins and recharge the immune system. By encouraging the lymph nodes to open up, the body produces more infection-fighting white blood cells. 

Particularly good for post-surgery recovery, lymphatic drainage massages also help prevent swollen joints. 

Book into a lymphatic drainage massage for a fresh boost of energy to reach your goals. 

CBD massage 

Using powerful massage techniques to encourage blood flow in the muscles, a CBD massage alleviates aches and leaves you feeling lighter, freer and more relaxed. 

A new treatment to the Urban roster, practitioners use CBD products from industry leading Gaia Guru, who draw upon forgotten knowledge from Ayurvedic, Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine to create natural, organic balms and oils that are specially made for use during massage. 

Urban says: “Targeted motions help aid muscle recovery by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and soreness. 

GAIA GURU, said: “Using both an oil and balm means practitioners can create a truly bespoke massage – using the oil for an all-over massage and the balm to work deeper into the muscles in specific focus areas for any stress related tension.” 

Deep tissue 

Deep tissue massages aren’t just for serious athletes – in fact almost everyone can benefit from a deep tissue treatment. 

Using tension-releasing techniques to help you get back to your best self, this massage will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and released – making light work of knots and niggles. 

Focusing on reducing tension and stiffness, it can even induce a deep state of relaxation, and can feel the same as a great workout! 

With the therapist using their elbows, fists, thumbs and knuckles to apply a deeper pressure, a deep tissue massage can reach the body’s deeper muscle tissues, and encourages blood flow to the muscles, oxygenating them to help speed up recovery. 

Urban ensures that your massage is tailored to you, working on specific areas to relax any tight muscle tissue in need of attention. 

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