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Celebrity Organisers Launch ‘Style With Attictude’ Wellness Series

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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 01:05 PM

1 in 2 Brits (52%) are desperate for more space – and 30% of Brits are feeling stressed with the clutter at home and feeling that it’s affecting their mental health. 

With this in mind, a quarter (25%) are now making their homes multifunctional, with 27% of Brits decorating or converting their homes and 36% decluttering in order to carry on working from home.

Although many of us are taking action, 29% of Brits surveyed said they would like advice on how to create space to boost wellness following the pandemic.

Celebrity home organising experts, The Style Sisters (who’ve worked with Rita Ora, Amanda Holden and Stacey Solomon), have launched a ‘Style with Attictude’ campaign, to tackle Brits biggest space challenges.

For those of you who want to make your home a sanctuary, here are the Style Sisters top tips: 

1. Create happy colours 

Everybody has their own favourite colours that can help them feel happy, positive and relaxed. Warm colours can evoke different emotions to cool colours and bright colours can create different feelings to muted colours.

Before bringing colour into your home, do a colour assessment. Use crayons, felt tips or paints to draw swatches and write down what mood each colour evokes in you. You can paint / draw on paper or a plain roll of wallpaper to do this.

You can also ask loved ones you live with to do the same. You can use this as a basis to choose colours to boost your mood in different areas of your home. 

2. Use self-storage to create space 

With space at a premium, an instant way to create more space to boost wellness is to use a self storage unit. We recommend Attic Self Storage who have a range of secure storage units with  24/7 access for convenience, and new sites launching, including in Marylebone, this summer.

Consider storing out of season clothes and soft furnishings, keep sake items, family heirlooms, office or work files or stock, furniture, children’s toys and much more. It is an affordable solution compared with upsizing or moving properties. 

3. Behind closed doors 

Many of us can have tidy homes on the surface, however behind closed doors there is  lots of clutter. We cannot stress enough how decluttering your wardrobe and cupboards make our clients feel instantly better.

Usually 50% of items can get taken to the charity shops, or can be sold. Make space for the things you love.

We recommend buying storage boxes to categorise and contain items. For example, keeping books in one category, work items, arts and crafts, stationery, finances etc. This also helps you find things, quickly. 

4. Bring nature into your home

Bring nature into your home with natural woods, stones, and plants, to create tranquillity that helps you feel refreshed and revived.

There is a fantastic range of indoor plants which you can hang off shelves or decorate tables – and wall plants are becoming popular. For those of you who have busy schedules or aren’t particularly green fingered, fake plants can work just as well.

Also consider crystals, for example Clear Quartz can help energise and activate chakras; Lapis Lazuli can help cleanse and purify the body; and Amethyst is known as one of the most effective healing crystals. 

5. Use scents you love 

Scents are a great way to switch off and unwind. Candles, diffusers, sprays and incense are easy ways to create lovely smells at home that can help boost your mood.

Lavender can help you relax and sleep; citrus smells can help make you feel more energised; cinnamon can aid concentration and jasmine and rose oils can help those suffering with anxiety and depression feel less tense.

Find what smells you love and add them to your home to activate your senses.

6. Add decorative lighting 

Decorative lighting is an easy way to make plain areas come to life and lift your mood. From adding lights to books shelves, to the borders of your doors, vases and in hallways, evenings and day times will feel like a haven with these simple touches.

They are also affordable with many supermarkets and major retailers offering different ranges of lighting. These can be added to your shared living areas, bedrooms and childrens’ rooms. 

Don’t forget to also consider adding outdoor  lighting to gardens, balconies or whatever space you can spruce up.