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What Is Grounding, And How Can It Help You As A Runner?

runner ties laces by a tree

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your health, wellbeing, and performance, you may want to look into Earthing, also known as “grounding,” which has been gaining popularity among biohackers, elite athletes, and wellness circles due to its numerous advantages. 

What are the benefits of earthing

Earthing is the practice of making direct electrical contact with the earth, such as when you are barefoot on the grass or swimming in the ocean.

The earth has a slight negative charge, created by lightning striking it 5000 times per minute. Humans, however, can develop a slight positive charge due to factors such as diet, technology use, and even breathing (the air above the ground has a slight positive charge). By making direct electrical contact with the earth, we can resolve this electrical tension. 

Studies suggest that earthing may provide numerous health and performance benefits, including reducing inflammation by neutralising free radicals, improving blood circulation by reducing red blood cell clumping, normalising circadian rhythms for better sleep, and increasing heart rate variability. 

Does this all mean we need to start going barefoot and swimming in the ocean? 

Although these things have their own benefits, they aren’t always practical options, so luckily UK-based footwear brand Bahé has created a solution.

Launching in 2022 with their first style Recharge, Bahé has created the world’s first high-performance earthed running shoe, meaning you can receive earthing benefits “on the go”.

By placing a series of conductive materials between the base of the sole and the foot, these shoes have been tested to have the same electrical resistance as human skin, making them a great alternative to going barefoot.

So if you’re a runner, or wear training shoes casually, they create a great opportunity to add earthing to your daily activities. 

There are some other great things you can consider when starting your earthing routine : 

1) Add nature to the mix. Exercising in nature can reduce stress, restores cognitive performance and has been shown to feel easier. 

2) As a rule of thumb, if it’s a natural surface, you’re likely to be earthed on it. Grass, gravel, earth, and sand are great options, but steer clear of synthetic surfaces and asphalt where possible. 

3) Earthing is growing in popularity amongst the world’s leading athletes and Erling Haaland and Novak Djokovic are advocates of earthing benefits for its ability to aid recovery. 

4) Use earthing mats and bed sheets inside to maximise your time earthed. 

5) As soon as you touch a natural surface you will be earthed; and spending as much time as possible earthed each day will bring the best results. 

Studies have demonstrated that green exercise can reduce depression and anxiety, improve mood, and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, green exercise has been found to be more effective than indoor exercise in reducing stress and improving mood. Additionally, green exercise offers the added benefits of a beautiful view, fresh air, and Vitamin-D.

Living in rural areas is not a prerequisite for engaging in green exercise. Simply visiting a park or garden has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and enhance cognitive function. 

Earthing has been shown to be beneficial for people in terms of reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and aiding sleep.

Additionally, it is a great way to take advantage of the health and performance benefits that nature has to offer. If possible, going barefoot or swimming in the sea is the best way to experience earthing, but for those who want to maximise their time earthing, wearing Bahé earthing shoes is a great option. 

Are you ready to take control of your health and wellbeing by adding earthed green exercise to your routine today? If so, the next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or under the weather, why not take advantage of the benefits of earthing and soak up some nature? What are you waiting for?

Bahé has designed a superior hybrid running shoe that is ideal for eco-conscious individuals who enjoy green exercise.

The shoe’s sole offers exceptional traction, while the footbed provides cushioning, and the lightweight upper boasts water-resistant panelling, ensuring a perfect fit for outdoor activities like walking, running, and exploring. 

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