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London Sport Response To Potential Cut To Healthy Streets Funding

woman cycles through london

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022 at 07:33 PM

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London Sport is extremely concerned by reports that Transport for London (TfL) could cut all uncommitted Healthy Streets funding, approximately £500m.

Recent TfL board papers have outlined the budget deficit the company is facing following a significant reduction in passenger numbers during the pandemic.

It is feared that a decision to reduce or remove funding from the Healthy Streets programme would have a detrimental effect on the levels of Active Travel in the capital.

Active Travel involves walking or cycling as an alternative to motorised transport (notably cars, motorbikes/mopeds, etc) for the purpose of making everyday journeys.

For most people, Active Travel is the easiest and most acceptable forms of physical activity are those that can be built into everyday life.

London Sport’s Director for Insight, Technology and Data, Tim Copley, said:

“We appreciate that TfL’s financial situation is challenging but strongly believe this is also an opportunity which can be used to consider creative, long-term solutions for our capital.

“Healthy Streets funding is critical to achieving the mayor’s ambition for London to become the world’s best big city for cycling and walking – something we support wholeheartedly.

“With less traffic on the roads, and more space given to cyclists, London has enjoyed a cycling boom throughout this pandemic and the progress we’ve made must be capitalised on.

“A funding settlement with central government is essential for the mayor to hit his target of 80% of journeys being made by walking, cycling and public transport by 2041 which would have many significant benefits for residents.

“By ensuring that Active Travel is not just a viable option, but a desirable and safe one, we can create a fitter and healthier London with less congestion and cleaner air.”