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Learning the Kickflip with Stefani Nurding

Stefani nurding

Last updated on September 13th, 2022 at 10:47 AM

With skateboarding having made its debut on the greatest sporting stage this Summer, online searches for skateboard lessons is at an all-time high, seeing a 150% increase since last year.

To further inspire more Brits to hit the board, Samsung KX has partnered with skateboard sensation, Stefani Nurding, to upskill the nation on the hottest trick of the season – the Kickflip. 

Having marked history as one of the first British females to compete at the US Open in 2016, Salon Skateboards owner Stefani takes over the Samsung KX experience space in Coal Drops Yard to empower both women and men to ignite new passions and learn the basics for excelling in the sport. 

Available to watch on the Samsung KX content hub now, the pro-skater, mum, and entrepreneur teaches the art of perfecting balance, body positioning and timing in order to nail the Kickflip trick, with just a board in one hand and the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in the other.

Stefani uses the Galaxy Z Flip3 to film the entire tutorial, capturing the sharpest angles in Flex mode and showcasing the Multi Window function for ultimate content creation, from scrolling YouTube for inspiration, to uploading Instagram and TikTok posts simultaneously.

Stefani nurding

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 delivers a photography game that you won’t be able to go back on.

Step out from behind the lens with Flex mode, splitting the camera into the top half and controls on the bottom half for the ultimate hands-free selfies.

Just frame your shot, strike a pose, and flash your palm to start the timer.

And when it’s time to level up those selfies, the new and improved Cover Display lets you snap with accuracy using the Rear Cameras. 

“I’ve absolutely loved working with Samsung KX and sharing my skills that I’ve learnt in my 10+ years of skating. As a female skater, I really want to encourage more women to pick up a skateboard and uncover a passion that they once may have felt discouraged to try. This tutorial covers the basics to help master the skills needed to hit the ramps confidently, and thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, I was able to film the steps in Flex mode to really help bring each one to life.”  

Stefani Nurding, skateboarder and CEO of Salon Skateboard 

Stefani’s steps for sharing the ultimate Kickflip: 

  1. Practice – First, get confident standing on the board and feeling comfortable pushing around
  1. Get the perfect balance – Make sure to keep your weight evenly distributed so that you don’t slip back or fall forwards
  1. First, we Ollie – With your feet hip width apart, back foot on the tail of the board and front foot just under the front bolts, lean forward and jump, kicking down on the tail whilst sliding your front foot to the nose of the board – this will level the board out whilst in the air. Make sure to stay above the board and then keep your balance to land back on
  1. Then we Kickflip – Do exactly what you did for the Ollie, but instead of keeping your foot straight and level, you want to kick out to the side and up. Once done, wait for your board to flip over and then catch it when you see it come back around
  1. Capture the ultimate shot – Open the Galaxy Z Flip3 into Flex mode – pop it on a flat surface so that it’s bent towards you. Once you’re ready to capture your Kickflip, wave your hand to trigger the self-timer for the ultimate motion shot   
  1. Share the skills – When you’re ready to upload your content, open the Multi Window function on the Galaxy Z Flip3 to share to TikTok and Instagram simultaneously (meaning you can save more time for skating!)  

Watch Stefani’s Kickflip masterclass on the Samsung KX content hub now. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are available for pre-order now, and will go on-sale 27th August 2021 in a range of stunning colours from Samsung KX, Samsung.com/uk and select partners.