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At-Home Fitness Surges In 2022 Despite Eased Restrictions

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At-Home Fitness is continuing to surge in popularity, as Decathlon reports an 107% increase in sales of home fitness equipment and clothing year on year.

Despite gyms being open, in contrast to January 2021, Brits are investing now more than ever in their at-home fitness gear, suggesting that attitudes and approaches towards fitness may have changed permanently as a result of the pandemic. 

Whether it’s the comfort or consistency of working out from home, consumers are continuing to invest in home gyms, and significantly too.

Data from Decathlon has revealed that sales of dumbbells are up a staggering 542% year on year, whilst resistance training equipment, such as racks, bars, and weights, racks has increased by 431%. 

Furthermore, it is not just smaller at-home equipment that Brits are shopping for – treadmill sales are also up, by an impressive 417%.

The data from Decathlon has also revealed that this surge in at-home fitness also extends to items designed for family-friendly and team-based activities. Sales for basketball hoops are up 239%, whilst sales for football goals have increased by 228%, showing that home is where the action is this year. 

Nicola Barnabo, Fitness Expert at Decathlon comments: “It’s fascinating to see how living rooms and garages across the UK are quickly becoming local gyms’ greatest competitors as more and more people choose to workout at home, regardless of Covid restrictions.

Lockdown forced us to change the way we keep fit, but it would seem as though some habits have stuck and people are taking fitness into their own hands, and homes.

“It’s also great to see a boost in the uptake of products designed for the whole family. Whether it’s penalty shootouts in the garden or shooting 3-pointers in the driveway, it’s clear that families across the country are becoming more active in 2022.”

Top 10 Most Popular Decathlon Fitness Products in January 2022:

  1. Domyos Treadmill RUN100E
  2. Corength Weight Training 20KG Threaded Weights
  3. Domyos Treadmill T540C Connected
  4. Corength Dumbbells and Bars Weight Training Kit 93KG
  5. Domyos Self-Powered Smart Cross Trainer 520
  6. Domyos Comfort Treadmill T520B
  7. Corength Weight Training Rack Chin-Up / Squat / Bench Press / Back Pull
  8. Corength Cast Iron Weight Training Disc Weight 28mm
  9. Domyos Training Exercise Bike 500
  10. Corength Collapsible Bench Press Incline Bench

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