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How Is The Fitness Industry Set To Evolve In The Future?

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The fitness industry has undergone some incredible changes over the last few years, and it now generates more than £55 million worldwide.

Research suggests that around 70 percent of adults want to get fit, highlighting how much bigger the market could become.

Personal trainers have benefitted greatly from recent changes in technology, and future advancements such as virtual reality look set to progress the industry further.

Live Streaming has Benefited Personal Trainers

Live streaming has been one of the greatest revelations of the internet era, and personal trainers have managed to use it to great effect.

It all began in the gaming industry, with Twitch and online casinos initially implementing the technology. Players could watch other gamers online or play live casino games like roulette and blackjack.

In 2017, Facebook introduced its live streaming offering and helped the platform go mainstream. It was at this point that astute fitness professionals realised there was a potential to take advantage of it.

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as the Body Coach, is one of the best-known examples of a fitness trainer who has used live streaming as part of a successful business model. He started by making daily videos on YouTube and has expanded from there.

Another popular model among personal trainers is to sell online courses for a cheaper price than their usual one-to-one classes.

This allows them to live stream their workouts to several people at once and earn more income in the same amount of time. The market is getting saturated, though, and fitness professionals need to look forward to the next big thing.

Virtual Reality Can Enhance Fitness Experiences at Home

In Mark Zuckerberg’s recent explanation of his company’s vision for the Metaverse, the Facebook founder spoke of how integrated fitness sessions would be a key facet of this proposed virtual reality world.

The concept is that trainers and their trainees would wear VR headsets and meet within a digitalised gym.

This could be represented in an infinite number of ways, and it would allow individual trainers to introduce their own concepts.

For example, one fitness instructor may choose to host his classes at the top of a mountain, while another’s niche might be a beach theme.

The fitness industry has been heading towards virtual experiences for some time, with other apps and games allowing people to feel as though they are working out in different places.

For example, Treadmill Trails takes runners to various stunning locations around the world. It’s a great way to keep people engaged and alleviate any boredom that might set in.

It seems that many people are already keen on the idea and are ready to see it taken to the next level.

Some people in the fitness industry may feel as if they missed the boat with the recent switch to live streaming of classes.

The good news is that this could just be the first of many stepping stones towards an even more immersive digital form of exercise. There should, therefore, be plenty of opportunities to succeed in the future.

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