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Why Gliders Are The Simple Bit Of Kit You Should Be Adding To Your Workout

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If we’re to believe the headlines, you need a range of complicated devices at your disposal to be fit. With the rise of wearable devices, working out has never been more high-tech or expensive.

So that’s why every so often it’s good to go back to basics. Gliders are becoming increasingly popular in workout classes, and at home, because they can be used to target your entire body, without the need for scores of unnecessary equipment.

This is how gliders will take your workout to the next level…

What are gliders?

They’re pretty simple: Two thin but sturdy discs, which are covered in material which means they can slide along the floor. You can buy them for just £6.95 on Amazon, and all you need to go with them is a smooth floor. Carpets and hard floors will do the trick, but avoid anything too rough – it will make it tough to slide about.

If you’d rather not invest in gliders though, there’s an easy alternative – two towels on a smooth floor will do just as well.

How can they be used?

The best thing about gliders is how versatile they are – they can target the whole body in different ways.

For your legs and glutes, place your toes on the discs with your heels resting on the floor. This way, your heels can act like brakes to help you stabilise when doing the moves.

Start with simple exercises, like one-leg lunges going backwards and sideways, or squat crab walks. When you’ve mastered these, you can level up and give jump lunges a go, or even squats, where you snap your legs together at the top of the move.

If you’re looking to target your core, assume the plank position with your toes on the gliders.

Bracing your stomach muscles as much as possible, then try some of your favourite plank moves, like mountain climbers or spiderman (where you bring the knee of one leg to outside your wrist and back, then repeat on the other leg).

Even something as simple as opening out your legs on the gliders and bringing them back together with control will set your core on fire.

You can further work your core while spending some time on your arms and back by doing dynamic press-ups, or sliding your arms forward and back (bracing your stomach the whole time).

Why are they beneficial?

The whole point of gliders is they make you unstable. This means you have to engage far more muscles in your body to stay steady – essentially forcing you to work even harder.

It’s particularly good for anyone working with injuries, as the moves are low impact, but still high intensity. If you find something like jump lunges tough on your knees, try using the discs as it will help minimise the impact on your joints.

The best thing about gliders is that they can be adjusted for how you’re feeling. You can start small and get comfortable with the moves and build up your range of motion slowly but surely. You’ll be able to do jump-through lunges in no time.

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