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Brits Filled With Exercise Excuses 

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OVER HALF of Brits have gained a stone or more (16.34 pounds) on average since lockdown began. The past year has left many of us seeking comfort from food (56%) feeling an utter lack of motivation (35%) and reaching for those all too tempting takeaways (18%).  

The lockdowns have had a huge impact on mental and physical health, with 1 in 3 putting their weight gain down to increased stress and anxiety. 

However, not all Brits blame their lockdown lifestyles for their newfound figures. Research found that 24% feel their slow metabolism is to blame, and many others have turned to ‘go-to’ excuses to avoid working-out at all costs, with the most common being to blame the dreadful British weather (32%).  

The top excuses to avoid exercise, which aren’t always necessarily true at the time. % 
The weather is too bad to leave the house. 32% 
Not having enough time to do it. 20% 
Not feeling well enough to exercise. 18% 
Having a health or physical impairment that stops them from working out. 14% 
Eating healthy is too expensive. 12% 

According to research conducted by the world’s first personalised 3D printed nutritional product, Nourished, some of the great British public came clean about their bad habits, admitting that catching up on their Netflix series is far more appealing than exercising (18%). 

The recent Government announcement – the plan to end Covid-19 UK lockdowns and restrictions on 21st June – has now become a key driver for many with almost half of Brits planning to ‘shape-up’ when lockdown eases and females (34%) feeling the pressure the most to ‘shape-up’ in time.   

Further restrictions such as the closing of gyms has impacted those who had regular work-out schedules, with 21% putting their weight gain down to this and 43% finding home exercise sessions not having the same effect as their gym workouts.

As a result, over a third have taken up new forms of exercise, with the nation becoming avid walkers (61%) to help keep fit. Other popular lockdown exercises include weight workouts, jogging, cycling and yoga.  

As Brits prepare for restrictions lifting, close to half the population are looking to get back in shape ready for normal life to ensue. 

Nourished have created the brand-new Shape Up Stack – six carefully formulated high impact, active ingredients in just one tasty chewable gummy to help those looking to shape up.  

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: brand-new for Nourished, the Shape Up Stack contains 100% British Apple Cider Vinegar. Unbeknown to over half of Brits (58%) Apple Cider Vinegar contains natural acids and enzymes which can help to reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullnessi and studies have shown that those who take Apple Cider Vinegar experience better weight management than those who do not.ii What’s more, Apple Cider Vinegar also contains natural pectin, a soluble fibre that acts as a prebiotic in the gut, helping to support the growth of beneficial bacteria. iii 
  • White Kidney Bean Extract: has been shown to support calorie blocking by preventing the absorption of starches which can result in weight loss.iv v 
  • Lactospore Probiotic: a combination of live bacteria and yeasts which studies have shown have benefits to help support both gut health and the immune vii 
  • Vegan Vitae-algae D3™: supports immunity, aids mood regulation, and helps to support cognitive function and nervous systems. 
  • Vitamin B12: increases energy levels, helps regulate moods and reduce stress, and helps to improve sleep. 
  • Folic Acid: has been shown in studies to help the body to product healthy red blood cells whilst supporting the immune system.viii ix 

Each Shape Up Stack is made fresh to order, using the world-first patented 3D printing technology and gel encapsulation process. They are 100% vegan, sugar-free and allergen-free, source 98% of ingredients from within the UK and have a no single use plastics manufacturing process in order to reduce carbon footprint. The packaging is also 100% plastic-free, bio-degradable (made from wood pulp) or recyclable.  

The Nourished Shape Up Stack is available to buy exclusively from at a price of £29.99 for a one-month supply.  Other Nourished Life Stacks can be purchased online or exclusively in-store at Selfridges flagship store in London.