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Trouble Sleeping? We Tried The Effectiveness Of Saisei Cryotherapy

saisei cryo

Sleep is a key talking point currently as we are realising that we aren’t superhuman and we really do need to prioritise sleep.

Yet, for many, sleep is hard to come by with the busyness of everyday life and the constant access to information through our phones and social media.

Sleep disorders, insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns affect almost everyone at some point in their life.

The effects of sleeping disorders are immense they can cause a lack of energy, irritability, low moods and the inability to be focused and productive during a day, which can also severely affect physical and mental health.

There are two types of sleep disorders: Primary – where the sleep disorder is the main problem and causes many side effects.

There are no specific physical or psychological causes. Secondary – where the inability to sleep properly is associated with another health problem or condition that is causing pain or inflammation effectively causing a person not to sleep very well.

It is very common for these disorders to be approached with prescribed medication, which sadly bring on many other issues with various side effects. But there are natural alternative therapies that can help.

This is where we discovered Cryotherapy and one company in particular Saisei Cryotherapy based in London’s Stoke Newington.

Saisei offers “Whole Body Cryotherapy” which is a very effective natural treatment for people suffering with any kind of sleep-related issues it has seen amazing results for improving sleep and insomnia.

It enhances wellness, mind and body for a positive effect. From the boost of circulation to the release of powerful hormones – feel-good endorphins and energising adrenaline to the anti-inflammatory response and unparalleled detoxification. Cryotherapy is an experience that holistically uplifts you powerfully.

Whole body Cryotherapy is a holistic vitalising experience which starts with a thorough initial consultation with the team at Saisei analysing your past and current health before you get set to enter the Cryo Chamber.

This is then followed by a moment to get ready – underwear (bottoms), sports bra (women optional), socks and robe (taken off during the treatment). You are ready for the experience.

The Cryo Sauna is ready having been cooled using liquid nitrogen which is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe – 78% of it to be precise.

Temperatures in the Cryo Sauna range between minus 120 to minus 160 degrees, we get cold just thinking about it. You step into the Cryo sauna, then the door is closed but NOT locked and can be opened by the person inside or outside so one can step out if they need to.

The treatment is of short duration between 2-3 mins – 2 mins for the first treatment.

And with what we found to be perfectly honest the cold is dry with no moisture so its completely tolerable,

So this is where thermoregulation is activated and the Cryo gets the body working, the process is the body interprets the extreme cold as a threat to its wellbeing.

The temperature receptors in your skin send this information to the brain (hypothalamus area), which responds with an attempt to restore balance.

The first step the body takes to protect its core temperature is to redirect blood which causes blood to flow from the periphery towards the central core.

After completion of the treatment, the body reheats itself through vasodilation, the vessels and capillaries expand up to four (4) times their normal diameter.

This causes a significant increase in blood flow to the skin and extremities, enriching cells with oxygen and enzymes to a much greater degree than under normal balanced conditions. This process creates an increase in the production of norepinephrine.

What is Norepinephrine? Norepinephrine is a hormone and neurotransmitter that affects your sleep-wake cycle and has dramatic effects on energy, focus, mood, and sleep patterns. This change in your body directly affects how well you sleep!

Another effect is the release of endorphins, once in your bloodstream, will act as an analgesic, which acts as a mild sedative.

Further benefits include a boost to your immune system and a reduction in pain, injury and inflammation. When your immunity is heightened, it is easier to combat colds and illnesses that might keep you up at night.

Similarly, less pain and inflammation will prevent trouble falling asleep and frequently waking up throughout the night.

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