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Three Races, Two Atomic Champions, No Wonder Christian Höflehner Is Psyched About His Team


Last updated on August 22nd, 2021 at 12:51 PM

Three giant slaloms into the season and we can see a clear trend: victories are an Atomic affair.

Following Lucas Braathen’s triumph at the World Cup opener in Sölden, this time it was  Filip Zubcic’s turn for the podium in Santa Caterina: he was the winner of the first and third in the second GS (skiing the fastest time in the second run). The other Redster athletes are  clearly moving in the right direction, too. 

He was pretty close to taking home 200 points from Santa Caterina: Filip Zubcic from Croatia missed the perfect score merely due to a couple of bobbles in the first run on race day 2.

Following his victory in the first GS, in the second race he once again had a blazing-fast second run to move up to third. 

Christian Höflehner, Global Race Manager at Atomic: “160 points and his second career World Cup victory – Filip impressively demonstrated his potential in Santa Caterina.

If he hadn’t made those  mistakes, he probably would have been unbeatable in the second race, too.” Three races, two Atomic champions, one third place – Höflehner is psyched about his team’s performance.


Just back from corona quarantine, overall World Cup winner Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (9th and 15th) and Marco Schwarz (14th and 22nd) delivered solid performances in Santa Caterina. Höflehner reflects, “Even though they hardly showed any symptoms during their corona infections, they both  obviously missed out on training days.

You could tell that their timing is sometimes spot-on, at other  times still a bit off.” Sölden first time winner Lucas Braathen also made a valuable experience in Santa  Caterina: “It‘s important for him to maintain his chilled, easy-going approach when in race mode, despite wearing the red bib.”

That’s what Erik Read (two times 10th, with the fastest time in one run)  did particularly well in parts – stay calm and cool. And Manuel Feller also made some fast turns again. 

Up next for the men will be a speed weekend at Val d´Isère, the ladies have two giant slaloms  scheduled in Courchevel. 

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