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STOP Dieting…. You Need To Change Your Lifestyle!


By LORRAINE KELLY | UPDATED: 18:28, 23 December 2019

So as that time of year approaches where we all utter those words ‘my New Years resolution is’

It is thought that around 70% of those resolutions will involve that awful word DIET!!!

STOP! That is the first step to failure and if I had it my way the words ‘to go on a diet’ would be banned.

The secret to success, not only to losing weight, but to improving your health is to change your lifestyle, not to jump on some hair-brained diet.

You need to do your research and listen to what your body is telling you… everybody is different when it comes to making these positive changes in life.. and yes, it will most likely take you longer than the month of January to get to grips with it all. But trust me, it is so worth it.

Learning what your body likes and dislikes is a major game changer. Do you suffer with headaches? Do your joints hurt? Do you have no energy? Been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition? Chances are you can improve things by retuning your diet.

You my have heard people say that your gut is like your second brain… well let me tell you from experience, this is true. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition 3 years ago, after 3 years of struggling with my health.

I already had a couple of other conditions that impacted my health, but nothing like autoimmune. The 3 consultants that I had seen all wanted to put me on a cocktail of drugs to ‘improve’ things… one of which I now know has been linked in study to Dementia! No thank you!!!

I enlisted the help of nutritionist and colon hydrotherapy expert Nicola Elliott (Pro Health Therapy)

She stripped back my diet, and we spent time figuring out what foods were my triggers, as well as regular fasting periods, and colon hydrotherapy.

To this day I know exactly what foods to avoid to keep my body moving, and by listening to what my body wants I am able to keep it healthy inside and out. I don’t get headaches, I have energy, and always get complimented on my clear skin.

So please…. before you let those dreaded words out of your mouth…. change your lifestyle for good… not a fad diet for January.

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