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Online Yoga Retreat This Bank Holiday Friday

Eco WellnessRetreatfromAsWeLiveandBreathe

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 06:28, 05 May 2020

The world may be social distancing and pub gardens closed for now (wipes eyes), but the good news is we can still embrace the delights of the summer season in other ways.

Eco-wellness company As We Live and Breathe are offering a one day online retreat this bank holiday Friday 8th May.

Participants will be treated to yoga, nature-connection practises, meditation, seasonal cooking lessons, fire, ceremony, myth and magic as the facilitators delve deep into the pagan rituals of Beltane Festival, celebrating the start of the summer.

Full Programme below.

What is eco-wellness?
As We Live and Breathe Co-Founder Nat says:
‘The way we think about wellbeing in our culture keeps us limited to what can be addressed through our ego-centric approaches.

We ask ourselves ‘how can I enhance my happiness, improve my health, my fitness, my mindset?’ or even ‘how can I heal my trauma?’. Indigenous cultures have always known it’s not like that. By taking this narrow view we will always only be addressing a very limited part of what’s possible, and we will always feel like there is something missing.

When we embrace eco-centric wellbeing through our relationship to each other and the natural world, we’re beginning to open to our full capacity to flourish. This only comes when we are able cultivate a deep sense of belonging in nature and authentic mutual care and support.”

Held via Zoom from 1-9pm, the event takes place online but participants will be encouraged to take nature connection practices outside (into a garden, local park, woodland – whatever is local to you).

Retreat Programme

1.00pm – Introductions & Opening Ceremony (All)

1.45pm – Yoga & Meditation w/ Natalie

2.30pm – Break

2.45pm – Snacks & Seasonal Cookery Talk w/ Gabriele

3.30pm – Nature Connection w/ Bell

4.00pm – Out on the Land

5.30pm – Reflections & Sharings w/ Bell

6.30pm – Yin Yoga w/ Natalie

7.15pm – Seasonal Cookery w/ Gabriele

8.00pm – Dinner, Stories & Myth Sharing (All)

8.30pm – Closing Ceremony (All)

9.00pm – Ends

Event eco-founder Bell says:

‘The event celebrates the Celtic festival of Beltane and the New Moon; the surging forward of nature; fire; fertility; personal potency; and aliveness.

Themes which particularly resonate during this period of change and challenge to our health and uncertainty surrounding all that what once was.

Through workshops, talks and time in stillness and reflection outside, we will explore our connection to the land and this most powerful of seasons and set intentions for the months ahead.

We will also connect in kind community and delve into deep imagination practices, celebrating our innate creativity to nurture our personal potency to fruition.

It’s a festival that’s held at the peak of fertility of the natural world. A uniting of masculine and feminine polar energies. By connecting with these practices we’re celebrating our sensuality in all it’s forms, and the nature connection enhances that.’

Co-Founder Natalie C. Morrison says “We find ourselves in a unique opportunity to reflect. This epidemic calls into question how and where we source our food; what our basic needs are; how we might live more authentically in a culture which strives for continual growth; and how we resource ourselves.

It also highlights our primal need for human and nature connection, and the value we place upon community and the lives of others. Our work with our retreat and online programmes serves to reconnect us with our full citizenship, so that we may emerge from the stillness with an embodiment of the values we reflect upon.

And just as importantly, to explore how we can resource ourselves to be the change we wish to see.”

Date: Friday 8th May 2020