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adidas Celebrates Yoga Is For All, In SS22 Campaign Featuring Paulo Dybala, Deepika Padukone And Adriene Mishler

adidas yoga athletes

adidas introduces its latest dedicated yoga offering, the adidas Yoga Make Space Collection. Featuring versatile pieces designed to support through the full breadth of yoga practice and conditions, the new range is inspired by the elements – Fire, Earth, Wind, Water – and is made in part with recycled materials. 

Embedded in adidas’ commitment to ensuring everyone experiences the life-changing benefits of sport, the campaign celebrates how and why athletes and partners from different sporting, cultural, and artistic backgrounds make space for yoga.

adidas yoga athlete
© adidas

A practice that dates back centuries and has a rich heritage rooted in spirituality, yoga may offer benefits for the body and mind, underlining why its popularity continues to soar.

Knowing the value that being on the mat brings to different individuals, and the diverse ways in which they practice, the collection offers designs suitable for an assortment of yoga spaces and conditions, whether this be in the studio, out in the open air, or near the water.

Fusing high performance with stylish design, the Yoga Make Space Collection includes apparel and accessories for women, men, and kids, enabling all those who do – or want to – practice yoga to be supported through every pose and move.

As well as using adidas’ latest material innovations, each piece also made in part with recycled materials to support adidas’ mission to help end plastic waste. Tailored to the different elements, key pieces include:


  • Fire: Designed for the demands of fiery yoga practices, the Yoga 4 Elements Onesie provides a second-skin feel, with an AEROREADY ribbed material that embraces the body and moves with the athlete through each pose. Built with a longer front zipper, for easier removal, as well as racerback finish, gives added comfort following a powerful session.
  • Water: Inspired by swimwear, the Yoga 4 Elements Top and Shorts offers all-round practicality for yoga practices near the water. The built-in panels under the arms and bonded leg openings provide more freedom of movement, whilst the AEROREADY material helps manage moisture, to ensure comfort remains at the core during and between every posture.
  • Wind: Aiding unrestricted movement, the Versatile 4 Elements Windbreaker also features adidas WIND.RDY and gathered wrist cuffs to better protect against conditions, including the cold. The toggles and puller around the neck allow for more control over desired fit, whilst the vent included on the back provides breathability whilst practicing.
  • Earth: Created for a grounding and distraction-free yoga practice, the Yoga Studio Light Support 4 Elements 3S Bra and Yoga 4 Elements 7/8 Tights offer a minimalistic and natural look, where style is not compromised. The bra strap adjustability at the front allows alterations and fit to be optimised whilst wearing, with the tights’ soft and sleek finish creating a smooth sensation against the skin.


  • Earth: The Men’s Yoga Tank Tee and Pant feature minimal detailing for a clean look and feel. The dropped arm holes and racer back on the Tank Tee provide greater freedom of movement whilst the pants’ side pockets feature a concealed zipper to ensure comfort remains at the fore during every move.
  • Water: The Men’s Yoga Tee and Shorts feature matching side seam designs to mimic the visual flow during yoga movements. The mesh side panels on the tee allow added stretch whilst the AEROREADY fabric in both garments keeps you feeling comfortable longer.

To further illustrate the different motivations behind practicing yoga, adidas has collaborated with a diverse line up of partners – world-renowned yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, football legend Paulo Dybala, global icon Deepika Padukone and yoga and wellness instructor Gustavo Padron who each have a unique reason they come to the mat.

adidas yoga athlete
© adidas

Speaking about how yoga has supported her over the years, international yoga instructor Adriene Mishler shared: “For me, my time on the mat is a dedicated moment to check-in and be honest with myself about I am feeling.

Though I have been on this journey for so long, I still experience the benefits of yoga, but just in a different way than when I first started.

Some of my best ideas come from the instances where I create space to do nothing, which is something I have been able to carve out so beautifully through practicing yoga, in so many different settings and moments in my life. There is no better feeling than getting off the mat and feeling more connected to myself.”  

adidas yoga athlete
© adidas

Speaking about the value yoga has provided during his training, football star Paulo Dybala shared: “Although my yoga journey only restarted again recently, after first trying it out during lockdown, I have deep admiration for the practice and understand first-hand the benefits that can be derived from it.

Not only does it complement my training on the football pitch, but it also gives me a space and time to fully focus on myself and my mind.

Despite still being a beginner, the practice has already been rewarding from a physical and mental perspective, and has increased my flexibility and balance, as well as improved my concentration.”

The adidas Yoga Make Space Collection is now available worldwide , in stores and via the adidas app.