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Active IQ And Skillsfirst Collaborate To Offer New Wellbeing Package

Active IQ and Skillsfirst have come together to create a unique Wellbeing Package to meet the growing demand from employers for staff to have both physical and social wellness skills.

Both businesses excel as Awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisations and offer complementary qualifications and assessments. 

Active IQ is particularly strong in the leisure sector while Skillsfirst is renowned for its functional and social skills portfolio.

Working together, they seek to break down any barriers and create a set of qualifications that promote wellbeing in the workplace.

The new Wellbeing Package comprises eight qualifications: four each from Active IQ and Skillsfirst as follows. 

Active IQ is offering

Active IQ Level 1 Award in Active, Healthy Living 

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Understanding Nutrition, Performance and Healthy Eating 

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Alcohol Awareness 

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Smoking Awareness and Cessation

Skillsfirst is offering

Skillsfirst Level 1 Certificate in Personal and Social Development.

Skillsfirst Level 1 Award in Ways to Maintain Personal Wellbeing

Skillsfirst Level 1 Certificate in the Principles of Maintaining Personal Wellbeing at Work  

Skillsfirst Level 2 Certificate in LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace 

The qualifications complement each other and dovetail nicely. Two or more can be studied in tandem thus maximising the learners’ opportunity to gain multiple skills in a short space of time.

Employers can ‘pick and mix’ any or all of the eight qualifications making the selection process flexible and accessible. 

The respective training centres for Active IQ and Skillsfirst simply need to undergo centre recognition from the other partner to enable their training providers to deliver the combination of qualifications. 

“We believe our collaboration and bespoke Wellbeing Package has great potential to equip learners with a number of skills that are sought after in the workplace,” says Gavin Baxter, Active IQ Business Consultant.

“We are increasingly aware that employers are looking for multi-skill sets in the wellbeing field and anticipate a good level of interest in our joint offer alongside Skillsfirst.

“It’s unusual perhaps to bring together two Awarding and End-point Assessment Organisations,” he continues.

“However, we are confident our complementary qualifications will enhance each other’s offering to benefit both employers and learners.”

“Active IQ is the ideal partner for us as we share similar values and operate to the same high standards,” says Faye Moore, Skillsfirst Head of Business Engagement.

“This collaboration adds value to our respective customer bases and sits well in the current climate where individuals, employers and learners are increasingly invested in wellness.

Like Active IQ, we pride ourselves on our customer-focused and friendly approach and put the learners at the heart of everything we do,” says Faye.

“I believe that by collaborating in this way, we can bring more options to learners while retaining that personal touch.”

The Active IQ & Skillsfirst Wellbeing Package supports the growing demand for corporate responsibility by offering a range of social and interpersonal skills.

It will appeal to health and wellbeing officers whose primary responsibility is to look after the health and wellbeing of their colleagues and staff.

All the qualifications can be delivered face-to-face or in a blended model and meet the requirements of funding provision.