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Why Building Muscle is More Important Than Weight Loss

Strong woman pumping heavy barbell at gym

In the realm of exercise and fitness programs, individuals often embark on their journey for various reasons, with weight loss and muscle building standing out as two primary motivators.

While it is crucial to establish goals that align with your personal aspirations, if your aim is to simultaneously achieve weight loss and muscle definition, prioritising muscle building should be your initial focus.

Elucidating further on this matter, Dean Zweck, an astute Product Development Manager at Total Fitness, a renowned health club brand dominating the North of England and Wales, offers valuable insights on the significance of muscle building and the efficacy of incorporating strength training to attain your goals efficiently.

First and foremost, it can be quite challenging to accomplish both muscle gain and weight loss simultaneously. Achieving muscle definition typically requires a slight calorie surplus, while shedding weight demands a calorie deficit.

Consequently, these two situations find it arduous to coexist harmoniously. However, with perseverance and a concerted effort to prioritize muscle building, this seemingly impossible task can be conquered.


Many individuals engage in exercise to acquire a toned physique. Nevertheless, achieving this outcome necessitates a certain level of muscle development.

To facilitate this process, it is imperative to include resistance training in your routine, whether through bodyweight exercises or weightlifting at the gym. Should you prioritize weight loss before focusing on muscle building, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the results.


As you embark on your muscle-building journey, you will observe a notable improvement in your strength.

Enhancing your strength has a multitude of benefits for your everyday life, ranging from simple tasks like keeping up with energetic children to effortlessly ascending stairs. This highlights the fundamental role that strength training plays in your workout routine.


Your muscles also play a pivotal role in supporting your balance. Achieving and maintaining balance is vital in both gym settings and everyday life.

It aids in mitigating the risk of injuries and facilitates body stretching, which contributes to improved posture and coordination.

By fortifying muscles around your joints, such as the glutes and quads, you stabilize your hips and knees, thereby augmenting your balance.

This becomes increasingly crucial as you age, as your muscles not only assist in maintaining stability but also provide a cushioning effect, offering protection in the event of a slip.


The process of building muscle, increasing strength, and witnessing incremental improvements in the weights you lift can have a profound impact on your mental well-being and significantly boost your confidence.

This newfound confidence permeates every aspect of your fitness journey, motivating you to persist and set regular, challenging goals.

Weight Loss

Lastly, muscle building can significantly aid in weight loss endeavours. Muscles are approximately three times more metabolically active than fat, meaning that the more muscle mass you possess, the more calories your body will burn.

These calories predominantly come from stored body fat, facilitating weight loss. Consequently, focusing on attaining muscle definition initially not only facilitates weight loss but also ensures greater satisfaction with the results achieved.

Regularly engaging your muscles is crucial, as neglecting their use can lead to a rapid decline in strength and definition.

Consistent resistance training is vital for both maintaining and building muscle, necessitating its inclusion in your workout plan. Consider incorporating 2-3 full-body resistance sessions per week to effectively build muscle and sculpt your physique.

In terms of identifying the most beneficial exercises to support your endeavours, prioritize those that target multiple muscles simultaneously, such as squats, lunges, press-ups, bench presses, and deadlifts.

For those less experienced, most gyms provide resistance machines that guide your movements and indicate which muscles are engaged.

If you prefer the guidance and motivation of others, classes like Body Pump at Total Fitness concentrate on weightlifting to foster muscle growth and are an excellent option for individuals who prefer training in a group setting.

Alternatively, the services of a personal trainer can also be enlisted to aid in your journey.