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Alliance Leisure Bolsters Senior Leadership Team with John Leaver’s Board Promotion

John Leaver Alliance Leisure

Alliance Leisure, a prominent player in the leisure industry, is fortifying its leadership ranks to spearhead the delivery of over £500 million worth of ambitious leisure projects throughout the United Kingdom. Marketing specialist John Leaver has been elevated to the esteemed Development Board, stepping up from his previous role as Head of Marketing.

In his new position as Marketing & Framework Director, Leaver will collaborate with fellow directors Sarah Watts, Paul Cluett, Tom Fairey, James Foley, and Paul Woodford to position Alliance Leisure as the foremost partner for leisure development in the UK. This promotion has also prompted a title change for Paul Woodford, who will now assume the role of Strategic Engagement Director.

Expressing the critical nature of succession planning in Alliance Leisure’s ongoing evolution, CEO Sarah Watts affirms the value of Leaver’s expertise and 17 years of dedicated service.

The timing of this appointment is deemed impeccable, as Leaver’s distinct skills and management style will undoubtedly fortify the organization at all levels.

Leaver joined Alliance Leisure in 2006 as an account manager, boasting a successful career in both public and private leisure sectors.

He played a pivotal role in the company’s digital transformation as the Head of Alliance Digital, and in collaboration with Strategic Engagement Director Paul Woodford, he established TA6 in 2018. TA6, Alliance Leisure’s results-oriented marketing and training brand, provides leisure operators with comprehensive sales, marketing, and retention services.

Over time, the TA6 brand has flourished, becoming a key support system for Alliance Leisure projects by offering a range of services including feasibility assessments, branding, customer engagement, launch campaigns, impactful sales strategies, and workforce development.

In his new capacity, Leaver will spearhead the marketing strategy to ensure Alliance’s continued growth. To date, Alliance has successfully delivered 220 developments, amounting to over £300 million in investments in local authority leisure facilities.

Leveraging the triumph of the UK Leisure Framework (UKLF) is central to Leaver’s expanded role. In partnership with Denbighshire Leisure Ltd (DLL), the UKLF has the potential to unleash up to £2 billion worth of leisure projects across the UK.

Commenting on his long-standing commitment to Alliance Leisure, Leaver likens himself to a “stick of Blackpool rock,” emphasizing the deep-rooted connection he feels with the company.

Over the years, Alliance’s services have evolved, but its core mission remains steadfast: to create innovative buildings and environments that promote physical activity, cater to the needs of the target audiences, and ultimately deliver maximum benefits to partners, clients, and the general public.

In 2022, Leaver took charge of implementing Alliance Leisure’s new wellbeing strategy, aligning the company’s vision and values with an agenda focused on promoting the health and wellbeing of its expanding team, which has grown five-fold in the past five years.

Initiatives introduced thus far include a dedicated employment assistance program to support colleagues with their mental health and fitness challenges designed to encourage physical activity.

Leaver emphasizes that workplace wellbeing extends beyond mere fitness trackers and health apps. Alliance Leisure will continue to prioritize the mental and physical wellbeing of its team members by fostering shared employee values, promoting effective communication, ensuring clarity of roles and responsibilities, and maintaining a transparent and honest approach to conducting business.

For more information about how Alliance Leisure can support your leisure development ambitions, please visit or contact the team directly at 01454 877558.