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PT Shares Top Tips For Working Out In Hot Weather

woman runner taking a break feeling tired after running

With a heatwave predicted to hit the UK over the coming days, many of us may be looking forward to exercising outdoors to make the most of the weather while it lasts.

However, it’s important to stay safe while working out in higher temperatures, so there are a few key things that any fitness enthusiast should keep in mind.

As such, Emma Ford, Personal Trainer at PureGym Aylesbury has revealed her six top tips for working out during a heatwave or hot weather:

1. Workout in the coolest weather – If exercising outside (e.g. running) then go out early morning or late evening when the weather is much cooler. Always have water with you to stay hydrated. 

2. Dress appropriately – If working out in a gym then ensure you wear limited, breathable clothing and ensure they have air-con. 

3. Stay hydrated – Ensure you are staying hydrated before, during, and after sessions by drinking plenty of water. You will need to drink more than usual because you will be losing fluids from sweating more.

4. Lower the intensity – Choose less intensity exercise styles instead of high intensity which will make you sweat more as you get dehydrated quicker.

This could include swapping any sprints for a slower-paced jog or dropping down the weight during lifting to account for the added exertion caused by the heat.

5. Listen to your body –  Don’t overdo it! You may usually be able to do more or go more intense but keep it more relaxed and just keep your body moving to ensure you aren’t overly exhausting the body. If you start to feel sick or dizzy then take a rest and rehydrate.

6. Eat sufficiently – Ensure you are fuelling your workouts well before with food. Try not to exercise on an empty stomach if you can.