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Why Aren’t More Women Golfing? Here’s Why They Should Be


According to a new study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, despite golf offering a wide variety of health benefits, it mainly attracts well-off middle aged to older white men.

Where are all the women? Why aren’t people from all walks of life reaping the rewards of playing 18-holes on the weekend?

Well, the BJSM study argues that more needs to be done to boost the inclusivity of golf, as “it is often perceived as expensive, male-dominated, difficult to learn, and not a game for the young or those on the lower rungs of the social ladder”.

So if you’re keen to give Tiger a run for his money, here are 5 reasons why you should give golf a go…

1. It’ll increase your fitness levels

Golf is actually great exercise, although it ma
y not always look it when you’re watching it on TV. If playing a full course, you can expect to be walking around four to six miles in a game, depending on how far and how often you deviate from the main greens. Combine that with pushing a golf cart and you’ll be racking up a decent amount of aerobic activity. Golfing can be a great way to increase balance and core strength too, and is gentle on the joints. Plus, you’ll be soaking up a load of viamin D from being outdoors for a couple of hours.

2. It’s a stress buster

Golf can be a form of stress relief; again, being outside in the open air can be hugely therapeutic, while it’s a versatile game. You can make it social and play with friends, or do a round alone if you need a bit of peace and quiet. Focussing on your putting will also occupy your mind, pushing out stressful or worrisome thoughts, and whacking balls at the driving range can certainly help with anger management…

3. Golf is a game for all ages

Unlike a lot of sports where there is a shelf life for athletes, with golf, you can just keep playing and playing, no matter how many birthdays you see come and go. Look at American golfer Angela Stanford, 40, who’s just landed her first major championship at the Evian Championship in France. You can start young too – every generation in your family can get involved.

4. It’s fun!

No really, golfing is a very good way to release some much-needed endorphins, whether putting on a mini or crazy golf course, or on a full one. There is a lot of skill and patience involved, as well as a real sense of accomplishment when you hear the ball drop into the hole. Grab a group of girlfriends, get a competitive edge on and see who’s going to be the next Angela Stanford.

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5. Golf course scenery can be pretty scenic
Many golf courses are set in stunning surroundings, whether with a view of the ocean or a tree-lined course with fore
st for miles. Everyone deserves a look-in.