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Facial Tension Could Be The Cause Of Your Head, Neck And Jaw Aches

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The current pandemic means that many of us are spending much more time sitting in front of computers, on never-ending conference calls, watching TV, or simply just looking at our phones much more. It’s not surprising that many of us are suffering physical complications like stiff neck, painful shoulders and tension in the jaw, as a result of our recent change in habits and movements.

FaceToned® is a new form of facial fitness exercise, which can help to relieve pressure and aches, specifically in the jaw, neck and shoulders. FaceToned® Facial Fitness was created by Pilates teacher Carme Farré.

It is based around the theory that we work out the muscles in our body regularly, yet the muscles in our face tend to get forgotten.

FaceToned® is a natural facial Pilates routine that uses exercises and stretches to tone the muscles to lift and rejuvenate your overall facial appearance.

After a few session clients feel not only improvement in their appearance, but the pains and discomfort have also disappeared.

Carme says: “Anatomically back muscles extend from the spine up to the neck and the skull so adding exercises for neck, jaw and face makes sense if you are suffering from tension. By targeting these areas you can restore length, relax and strengthen the cervical spine muscles, and release tension in the jaw, both of which are imperative to improve mobility”

FaceToned® is unique in terms of its technique because it applies Pilates principles when exercising the face and neck muscles and covers the following areas:

·       Stability of the joints: jaw and neck

·       Centering to work out the ‘core facial muscles’

·       Concentration to obtain the maximum value of each movement

·       Control to allow you to work out the muscles with isometric and isotonic movements

·       Precision to isolate the muscles to obtain better results

“Breathing and stretching at the end of each FaceToned® session” is also very important says Carme. “Normally, clients have poor posture, which puts pressure on the lungs preventing the diaphragmatic muscles from activating. Proper breathing allows space for the diaphragm to expand and only then it is possible to start strengthening the upper back.”

FaceToned® Basic Exercise

A short FaceToned® routine for easing tension and stress in the shoulders, neck and jaw 

Lower Facelift – Advanced exercise that tones the neck, cheeks and jowls

·       Lengthen the neck upwards and bring the chin up slightly holding your collarbones with your hands, and slightly pulling down.

·       Now bring the chin forward and slightly up so to hold the top lip with lower teeth, then try to touch the tip of the nose with your lower lip.

·       Now, lift up the corners of the mouth and pulse up and slightly down as if smiling for eight counts. Hold this position for eight counts and then relax.

·       Perform three times.

FaceToned® Exercise – Neck Strengthening

·       Make sure that you are sitting up right, your ribs are relaxed and core engaged.

·       Lengthen the neck upwards and place both hands behind your neck with your shoulders wide opened.

·       Push neck backwards against the hands without moving any other part of the body – make sure the shoulders stay relaxed.

·       Repeat 3 sets of 8 reps, hold between reps.

FaceToned® Neck Stretching 

·       Breathing through the stretch, bring both hands behind your back and lengthened, then bring one arm up and over the head to reach opposite arm and to hold hands, or at least touch the fingers at the level of your shoulder blades.

·       Repeat twice each side.

FaceToned® Jaw Release

·       Slide the jaw forward and backwards very carefully.

·       Then, open and close the jaw as your fingers run along the back teeth, make sure you stop when you find a tender point.

·       Repeat 3 times for the count of 8.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of their client testimonials

“I have been seeing a physiotherapist for a while to help with my upper back and neck pain (as someone who spends a lot of time in meetings and in front of a screen this has been an issue for a while). Since Carme and I started doing our exercises regularly (which includes stretching) my pain disappeared – which is quite unbelievable.” Yulia, May 2020

“Working with FaceToned® has really helped keep jaw tension to an absolute minimum. My jaw feels free and easy to move.” Alison, June 2020.

“All my life I have suffered from tooth grinding at night and would often wake up with a stiff jaw.  (This has the medical name “bruxism”.)  My dentist made me a mould to wear at night to stop this, and also suggested some exercises (some of which are similar to some of the FaceToned® exercises).

Since doing FaceToned® he remarks that my jaw is better (and I certainly don’t wear the night guard, which I never liked anyway!).” Ros. June 2020

“I have had problems with my jaw due to stress for a while, to the point that some of my teeth has chipped from grinding at night and I would get headaches. My dentist prescribed a mouth guard at night about 15 years ago, but it is really uncomfortable to use.

Since I started FaceToned® my jaw is relaxed. I now know what exercises to do to bring the tension down really easy, and I do them almost automatically during the day. I wished my dentist had told me about it before!” Almudena June 2020