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Soho House And Koniver Wellness Launches At Soho Health Clubs

soho house koniver wellness

Koniver Wellness and Soho House announce a new partnership offering unrivalled wellness technology and services at all Soho House Health Clubs.

This May, Koniver at Soho Health Club will launch its inaugural location at Shoreditch House, to provide cutting-edge performance medicine treatments to all Soho House members and Soho Friends.

Dr Craig Koniver & Dr. Keli Koniver

Koniver at Soho Health Clubs will offer an unrivalled menu of innovative treatments aimed at longevity, recovery, focus and cognition improvement, performance enhancement, and overall human optimisation alongside aesthetic treatments specific to each location.

“Having practiced Performance and Longevity Medicine for over 15 years, I am truly honoured and excited to bring these types of services to the members of Soho House. By combining these nutrient infusions and injections into the community setting of each Soho House, we will greatly help move the needle for how wellness and optimization moves forward.” 

Dr. Koniver

Michaela Hurst, Soho Health Club manager, says “We’re delighted to work with Dr Koniver and his team at the Soho Health Club within Shoreditch House.

We’re excited to offer his range of premium quality vitamin IV Drips to our members and friends, to enhance their mental and physical wellness.”

The menu of innovative treatments are aimed at longevity, recovery, focus and cognition improvement, performance enhancement, and overall human optimisation alongside aesthetic treatments.

A particular highlight is the remarkable intravenous NAD treatments. NAD is one of the most researched anti-ageing and regenerative molecules available for enhancing human performance, integral to many basic cellular functions NAD treatment restores mitochondrial stores of NAD that deplete naturally through the ageing process and restores cellular functions. (NAD info here)

Some of the treatments available:

  • Intravenous NAD treatment (120 mins minimum) – restoring intracellular levels of NAD
  • Quick Hydration 500ml Saline (30 mins) IV delivered sodium chloride solution and nutrients that promote rapid rehydration and recovery.
  • Vitamin Push 30ml (15 mins) IV delivered vitamins, minerals and amino acids, administered quickly into cells and muscles for rapid absorption.
  • Glutathione Push 2400mg (15 mins) Supports liver detoxification, boosts immune system, and gives skin a radiant glow.
  • LipoB12 Booster Shot (15 mins) Burns fat and drives energy production with a powerful combination of B-vitamins, plus the nutrients carnitine, methionine, inositol, and choline.
  • Vitamin D3 Booster Shot 50,000iu (15 mins) Boosts immune function and balances hormones to help fight illnesses and cellular stress.

Bespoke packages are available to be prescribed by resident doctors upon request.

Koniver at Soho Health Club, Shoreditch is available now to all Soho House members. To book, visit