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Snore News: Brits Are Officially Top Three In World’s Sleepiest Nations Index

woman asleep wearing trainers

As the clocks turn back at the end of October, the longer nights and shorter days also mean that many Brits will spend, on average, an extra 4.5 hours per month sleeping.

The new data, released by Sleep Cycle and Gympass shows that Brits are in the top three sleepiest nations in the world as a result.

With the winter months approaching, Brits will be hunkering down, with data showing the UK has the third-longest average sleep duration, at 7 hours 27 minutes, behind only Finland and New Zealand.

However, the data also shows that although Brits sleep longer than other nations, we’re also a nation of night owls, with the average bedtime for the UK population just shy of midnight, at 23:43pm.

Unsurprisingly, Brits spend the winter months diving for the duvet, with the sleepiest months of the year starting in September and ending in April.

Most surprisingly, the data also shows we’re a nation of secret snorers. Almost all Brits snore at some point in the night, with the stats indicating that Brits snore for an average of 27 minutes per night and in the summer months, nearly 200 minutes are spent snoring.

Sleep Cycle, the market-leading sleep tracker, has released this data in partnership with Gympass, the world’s largest corporate wellbeing platform following the announcement that Gympass users will now have access to Sleep Cycle via the platform, giving more than 1 million employees across the world access to its premium sleep functionality services, including sleep tracking, snore detection, sleep training and the popular Smart Alarm. 

Lack of sleep has noticeable impacts on the overall health of the workforce and workplace productivity. Figures collated by the UK Government found that the UK economy loses 200,000 working days per year to lack of sleep – leading to a cost of £30 billion.

Gympass and Sleep Cycles has launched this partnership to raise awareness for the importance of quality sleep for a happy and healthy workforce.

Research shows that sleep sets the foundation for a healthy life and contributes to increased performance at work, in the gym, and in life in general. By partnering with Sleep Cycle, Gympass broadens its offering to include the world’s most popular sleep health service. 

“A good night’s sleep is one of the most crucial elements to improving employee wellbeing. Giving employees access to resources and apps that allow them to take control of their own sleep health is imperative to securing a healthier, more rested workforce.” comments Luke Bullen, CEO UK & Ireland Gympass

Carl Johan Hederoth, CEO of Sleep Cycle says, “Poor sleep quality can affect employees in every area of their life – from focus and motivation to weight gain and being prone to accident or injury.

With Sleep Cycle, Gympass members will be able to optimize sleep, which is an invaluable part of achieving and maintaining good health and enhanced performance in their daily life.”