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Scaling New Heights: Unveiling Parthian Climbing

Parthian Climbing Wall

1st July 2023 sees an incredible new multi-functional and active destination space open its doors in London:  Parthian Climbing Wandsworth. Offering a world-class, state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility with community and inclusivity at its very core, the 25,000 square foot of space will cleverly combine climbing with lifestyle elements of café, bar, gym, retail and co-working space.

What’s more, it is the first indoor climbing facility in the UK to feature an exact replica of the Olympic bouldering wall, “The Titan”, which will be used at the Paris 2024  Olympic Games. 

Perfect for friends, families, those adventuring solo, and big groups gathering for some active time together,  Parthian Climbing Wandsworth is sure to be a capital hotspot this summer and beyond.  

The brainchild of John Dunne, an internationally renowned climber who has established many world-class routes over the last 25 years, Parthian Climbing’s brand mission is to offer, and make accessible, climbing for everyone; building a community that inspires and grows the next generation of climbers. 

The new Wandsworth space is the company’s fifth centre and is situated within Southside Shopping Centre.  Bouldering, auto-belays and roped climbing intertwine to create an invigorating choice of opportunities, where seasoned climbers and novices alike can develop their passion for climbing within a supportive and inclusive environment. 

Setting Parthian Climbing Wandsworth apart from its counterparts is the “The Titan”, the first exact replica of the Olympic bouldering wall in the UK.

Meticulously crafted by Olympic climbing wall supplier, EP Climbing, this extraordinary feature is an imposing addition to the centre.

As the first indoor climbing facility in the UK to host this replica, Parthian Climbing Wandsworth anticipates professional athletes visiting from around the globe to utilise the Olympic wall for intensive training ahead of the eagerly awaited Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Beyond the realm of exceptional climbing experiences, Parthian Climbing Wandsworth goes above and beyond to enhance visitors’ overall enjoyment.

Within its walls, a generous café, bar and co-working space provides a  haven to unwind, socialize and replenish. Before, after, or in between their climb, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the venue which provide an immersive and inspiring atmosphere. 

Moreover, the facility houses a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning gym, ensuring access to unparalleled training equipment, as well as a specialist climbing retail area, allowing enthusiasts to acquire high-quality climbing gear and equipment, facilitating their pursuit of climbing excellence. 

Promising to be exciting, inspiring, challenging, and accessible for all, Parthian Climbing Wandsworth is destined to enrich London’s active lifestyle scene and hopes to build a connection with, and sense of place for, its vibrant,  surrounding community.  

John Dunne, founder and CEO of Parthian Climbing Ltd says: “We are really excited to be opening our fifth climbing centre, in Southside, Wandsworth.

It’s been fantastic to collaborate with Landsec and Southside to realise our vision and provide a stunning climbing experience in a unique space, fronting Garratt Lane. We will  offer Climbing for Everyone, catering for a wide mix of the local community, and bringing climbing to the next  generation.” 

In addition, Pieter Strömbeck, Centre Director at Southside Shopping Centre, said: “We are thrilled to welcome  Parthian Climbing to Southside and unveil another stand-out experience for our guests.

The new climbing complex provides a unique experience for all levels of climbing abilities and adds to our must-visit leisure offering here at the centre.

We’re in no doubt that Parthian Climbing will be a massive draw for both thrill seekers living locally,  as well as those further afield too.” 

Prices are as follows:  

Day Pass: Adult £15 / Concession £12  

10x Day Passes: Adult £135 / Concession £108  

Monthly Membership: Adult £75 / Concession £60 / Junior Add On £25* 

*Junior Add-On is only available for immediate family members when purchasing a standard adult membership 

​​For more information about Parthian Climbing visit or follow @parthian_climbing_ldn