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The Four Health Benefits of Travelling Solo

woman backpacker traveler

Holiday travel forms a key part of our calendar each year, as something to look forward to – whether a big group holiday somewhere warm or a quick bank-holiday city break.

Holidays typically take the form of group outings, but there has been something of a revolution in the way we holiday; lately, solo travel has become much more popular as a form of holiday.

Though there are elements of risk associated with solo trips, they are also fantastic ways to experience something new – and to improve your health in the process.

Physical Health

The physical health benefits of travel are well-documented, by virtue of being naturally more active an experience than life at rest.

Even the more sedentary forms of beach-bound sun-and-sea holidays can be exertive experiences, not in the least due to the efforts involved in making it through the airport.

But solo travel is about much more than meeting our backside with a beach towel. Solo trips invite you to explore further, deeper, and more widely, keeping you on your feet each day – whether exploring a new city or trekking through a remote landscape. The result? Improved cardiovascular health, reduced stroke risk, increased stamina and so much more besides.

Mental Health

Solo trips can also be nothing short of transformative for mental health, as well as physical health. Travelling to new places, away from stressful obligations and events, can give you the space you need to relax and recalibrate – a vital provision for those unfortunate enough to suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression.

New locations are the perfect place to practice mindfulness, and the freedom afforded by a blank schedule can also be a great confidence-builder.

Emotional Wellbeing

Of course, you do not need to have been diagnosed with a mental condition to benefit mentally from a trip away. Emotions are naturally wrapped-up in poor mental health and wise to address accordingly – but even relatively well-adjusted folks can get a lot out of getting away from it all for a moment. 

Travelling alone gives you unparalleled time to check in with yourself and think about things in a way that you might not have otherwise had time for. In this way, you can grow as a person, figure out your next steps in life, or simply feel that bit more self-assured on your return to your own life. 

Social Benefits

Lastly, and perhaps counterintuitively, there are tangible social benefits to setting out alone for a trip abroad. For one, certain trips are purpose-built for meeting others.

If you’re looking for a romantic connection, you could seek out a walking holiday for singles; for a more social experience, cruise holidays or hiking groups can be fantastic for meeting like-minded people.

Even in consigning yourself fully to the solo travel experience, you’ll find yourself encountering new people at every turn – whether new friends at your accommodation, chance encounters on transport, or helpful locals pointing out the way. As a result, you’ll find yourself naturally improving your social skills!