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Triathlon Brand Zone3 Hosts Members Of LGBTQ+ Swimming Charity Out To Swim

Out to Swim Zone3

A group of swimmers boldly took the plunge for an early morning challenge at Brockwell Lido, for an “Urban Winter Swim Experience” hosted by the UK’s leading triathlon brand, Zone3, in partnership with inclusive aquatics club, Out To Swim, and supported by Wiggle.

Led by two-time Paralympic swimmer and triathlete, David Hill, the swimmers were first put through their paces with a poolside warm-up to get the blood flowing, before braving the 6⁰c waters.

Once in their Zone3 thermal wetsuits and neoprene accessories, the guests were led through a series of exercises to regulate their breathing and safely acclimatise their bodies to the cold water.

At the culmination of the session David invited swimmers to take off their wetsuits to experience the true, exhilarating benefits of cold water swimming – swiftly followed by a chance to warm up with Zone3’s Heat-Tech Changing Robe!

The group ranged from seasoned ultra-swimmers to intrepid first-time cold water enthusiasts, with the event aiming to communicate that swimming is open to all, regardless of experience and background.

David Hill says: “It was great to coach the group and see everyone’s smiling faces after a very cold session.

Everyone can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of open water swimming, whether it’s at your local lido in town, in a lake or the sea.

If you’ve still got cold feet, try going with a friend and getting yourself some appropriate kit – you only need to be in the water for 90 seconds to feel the benefits!”

Regen-James Gregg, Publicity Officer for Out To Swim says: “It was fantastic to be part of this event with Zone3, promoting the message that aquatics is for all.

It’s great partnering with brands that share our ambition for widening access, and our members enjoyed their chance to test out Zone3’s new robe and thermal wetsuits during their cold water experience – as well as their dip in skins at the end!”

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