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Born out of a love of all things Health, Fitness, Sports and overall well-being, Sustain Health is one of the goto places to source information.

Sustain Health, produce positive, engaging, informative content that you can identify with and news/features that cut through the wellness noise.

What makes us different to other magazines out there we hear you ask? Well that’s simple, our editorial content isn’t single sex or age biased, Sustain Health is the magazine which is all-inclusive no matter your gender and age, it’s the brand for all people who want greater control over their physical, mental, and emotional lives.

Health, Fitness, Sport and Wellbeing holds the power to revolutionise the way we live, work, relax, look and learn, Sustain Health understands that each of these are unique to each individual, and this is why you’ll find approachable, applicable and actionable advice.

Every day, our editors and reporters seek the advice of the most trusted, experienced, and academically affiliated authorities in the health, fitness, sports, weight management sectors.

We keep an ear to the ground so as to bring you all the very latest research from the world’s most credible, health journals, and distill it for our readers in a way that’s practical and easy to understand.