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Fitnesspreneur Zanna van Dijk On How She Stays Lean, Strong And Motivated To Work Out

Fitnesspreneur Zanna van Dijk scaled

With over 280,000 followers on Instagram, Zanna van Dijk (@zannavandijk) has built a career on helping others look and feel great.

The London-based fitness influencer, who hails from Yorkshire, is best known for co-hosting the BBC Podcast Fit & Fearless, is an ambassador for Adidas in the UK and has also released her own book called Strong (Headline, £16.99), which largely aims to encourage women to lift weights.

26-year-old influencer Zanna van Dijk is passionate about lifting weights (Libratone/PA)

Here, we got the low-down on the 26-year-old blogger’s fitness, nutrition and favourite workout moves…

What’s your workout routine like?
“My life is pretty varied and no two days are the same, so forming a set routine is sometimes a challenge.

“At the moment, I just slot in workouts when I can, and I try to ensure that two of my sessions every week are strength focused.

“The rest of the time, I just go with the flow and do whatever my body is feeling – whether that’s Pilates, HIIT training or a long walk.”

What’s a typical day’s food like for you?
“I usually have oats, chia pudding or a smoothie for breakfast, and lunch can be anything really – from avocado toast through to dahl and rice.

“Dinner tends to be my largest meal, and I always have hummus and pita as a starter (my boyfriend and I make fresh hummus every week). Then I might have a burrito bowl, a curry or a pasta dish. I’ll work with whatever is in the fridge.

“Oh and I’ll always have dessert – either fruit, dates or chocolate, or maybe even vegan ice cream.”

Do you have any guilty food pleasures?
“I have no guilt food around! One thing I do eat a lot of is Medjool dates. I’ll cut them open and stuff them with nut butter – that’s my favourite.”

What’s your favourite workout move?
“Burpees. I know, I am such a cliché.”

How do you motivate yourself when you’re not feeling 100%?
“I put on a banging playlist. Music is so important to me when it comes to my fitness routine. I struggle to keep myself motivated in my challenging workouts without some good tunes.”

Djik says that music can help to motivate
Music keeps her motivated on ‘off’ days (Libratone/PA)

What are your tips for getting the most out of summer workouts?
“Get outdoors. I hate to be predictable but it’s so important that when the days are long and weather is good to get outside. We aren’t so lucky in winter, so take advantage of training in your garden, local park or green space!”

What are you gym bag essentials?
“A reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee cup, a resistance band, hair bobble, sweat towel and my Libratone TRACK+ headphones (£169.99,”

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram for fitness inspiration?
“My top accounts right now are @LucyDavis_Fit for workouts and @healthychefsteph for vegan food inspiration.”

Zanna van Dijk has been working with Libratone to create her perfect workout playlist. Visit

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