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WOW Hydrate’s Journey: From Dubai Investments to a Global Partnership with Manchester United

Jake Brocklesby

WOW Hydrate has recently solidified a major partnership with Manchester United Football Club, marking the sports and fitness drink as the official sports hydration partner for the esteemed football club.

The multi-year global collaboration aims to engage with Manchester United’s vast global fan base through impactful campaigns involving both the men’s and women’s first teams.

Jake Brocklesby and Queenie Porter with Bryan Robson
Jake Brocklesby and Queenie Porter with Bryan Robson

WOW Hydrate, under the leadership of Jake Brocklesby, Global Director, and Queenie Porter, UK Managing Director, will have its products available at the iconic Old Trafford stadium and across the men’s, women’s, and academy training facilities at the Carrington Training Centre.

The strategic alliance extends beyond matchdays, as WOW Hydrate expresses a strong commitment to grassroots football, leveraging the partnership to actively engage with local football communities.

Future plans include the introduction of a co-branded range of hydration drinks and high-energy campaigns featuring renowned players.

With a vision to ‘be the best,’ WOW Hydrate aims to become the world’s leading sports hydration brand, and the collaboration with Manchester United is seen as a pivotal move that will propel the brand into new markets and elevate its global standing.

The partnership has commenced with exclusive content featuring prominent players enjoying the sports drink, offering a glimpse into the exciting initiatives planned for the future.

In a recent interview, Jake Brocklesby, one of the visionaries behind WOW Hydrate, shared insights into the brand’s evolution from a Dubai-based investment portfolio to a global player, culminating in a significant partnership with Manchester United.

Our discussion delved into the unique strategies employed, the brand’s expansion plans, and the pivotal role played by the iconic football club in WOW Hydrate’s journey.

A Dubai Beginning: From Investments to Hydration

Brocklesby began by shedding light on the roots of WOW Hydrate, revealing that his investment company in Dubai, with a diverse portfolio of 13 investments, played a key role in the brand’s inception.

The story took an unexpected turn when a boxing gym, acquired out of passion, introduced him to WOW Hydrate. Impressed by its effectiveness and endorsements from athletes like Tyson Fury, Brocklesby’s personal use evolved into a substantial investment, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

Connecting with Manchester United

Asked about the collaboration with Manchester United, Brocklesby explained that his involvement with the boxing world and connections like Joe Cordina, a WOW Hydrate ambassador, set the stage for discussions.

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire, an ambassador as well, played a crucial role in presenting the brand to Manchester United.

The quick and significant move into the football market, particularly with such a globally renowned club, represented a game-changer for WOW Hydrate, offering newfound credibility.

Jake Brocklesby and Queenie Porter
Jake Brocklesby and Queenie Porter

Expanding to Other Premier League Clubs

When questioned about potential expansions to other Premier League clubs, Brocklesby expressed optimism, emphasizing that the partnership with Manchester United is just the beginning.

The goal is to establish a presence in football, and while the focus is on United for now, there are plans to explore additional partnerships within the Premier League in the coming years.

Navigating the US Market

Highlighting WOW Hydrate’s plans for global expansion, Brocklesby shared insights into the company’s vision for the US market.

Citing the success stories of football legends like David Beckham, who brought football to the US, the partnership with Manchester United is seen as a strategic move aligning with the brand’s ambition to enter the American market in the near future.

Differentiating WOW Hydrate in a Crowded Market

Discussing WOW Hydrate’s unique selling proposition, Brocklesby emphasized the brand’s differentiation through its protein water.

He explained that while competitors focus on electrolyte drinks, WOW Hydrate stands out with collagen-infused sugar-free protein water.

The co-branded products planned with Manchester United are expected to further distinguish WOW Hydrate in the market.

Reflecting on the Manchester United Highlight

When asked about the highlight of his journey with WOW Hydrate, Brocklesby pointed to the partnership with Manchester United as the pinnacle.

Acknowledging the enormity of the deal, he expressed gratitude and shared his excitement about leveraging this collaboration to propel the brand to even greater heights.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

In offering advice to fellow entrepreneurs seeking similar partnerships, Brocklesby stressed the importance of continual exploration and a willingness to move beyond comfort zones.

He highlighted the strategy of conquering one market and then seeking the next best opportunity, a principle that guided WOW Hydrate’s expansion journey.

Future Aspirations and Co-Branded Products

As our time ran to a close, Brocklesby shared the brand’s aspiration to be recognised as a product that resonates with fans and consumers alike.

The upcoming co-branded products with Manchester United are expected to be a significant step in establishing that connection, from academies to grassroots initiatives, showcasing WOW Hydrate’s commitment to well-being and performance.

As WOW Hydrate continues to make waves in the sports and wellness industry, its journey stands as a testament to entrepreneurial vision and strategic partnerships, with Manchester United serving as a beacon for the brand’s global ambitions.

Cheers to a future filled with hydration, well-being, and extraordinary achievements!

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