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The Most Popular Yoga Pose In Every Country Revealed

yoga by lake
UK Yogis Are Fighting Back!

Practising yoga has serious health benefits beyond bringing a sense of calm and restfulness to your daily life.

Yoga helps everything from anxietydepression and stress, to reducing inflammation in the body and even reducing migraine symptoms. 

The research team at Private Rehab Clinic, Delamere, has analysed Google Search data to determine the most popular yoga pose in each country around the world. 

According to the research, the Downward Dog is the most popular yoga pose in 40 countries around the world and has a total monthly Google search volume of 76,790. The Downward Dog is the most popular pose in the UK with 11,000 searches and the US with 33,000. 

With a Google search volume of 81,590, the Side Plank is among the most popular yoga poses around the world.

The pose was a favourite in 29 countries, including Germany with 3,500 monthly searches and Italy with 6,400.

See how the other countries stacked up below! 

Methodology: Taking a seed list of popular yoga positions, we used Google search data to determine where they are most popular around the world. Analysing 75 countries in total. 

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