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WIT Fitness Expands Its Customer Offering With WHOOP

whoop stand in wit fitness

Today (14th August), leading expert training retailer, WIT Fitness, expands its customer offering with its first tech wearable, WHOOP, a health wearable that teaches you to listen to your body better and optimise the way you live life. 

Amongst WIT’s long list of impressive partnerships with global brands such as Nike, adidas, Puma and Reebok, this partnership between WIT and WHOOP provides consumers with wider access to products to help elevate their training and performance. 

Bringing WHOOP on as the company’s first tech wearable brand is a pinnacle moment for the business, allowing customers wider access to their health and fitness insights, which has never been done before. 

WIT will be selling a selection of WHOOP 4.0 straps (see below) for the next 12 months in their own flagship store and state of the art training facility gym, WIT House London, in One New Change, St Paul’s London. 

WIT operates in multiple international markets, curating the latest and greatest offering via industry leading brands in footwear, apparel, accessories and nutrition, as well as its own WIT brand.

WIT’s CEO, Matt Brewster has applied his extensive skill set to deliver transformational results for the business, with an increase in the portfolio of over 50 curated brands since the launch of their partner plus offering and has grown WIT’s own brand to account for 20% of total revenue. 

WIT x WHOOP Stock: